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This is Cosmos Country originally found life as a forum and destination for Cosmos fans to find each other and talk about their team.

Cosmos Country Podcast kicked off before the 2015 season when a group of Cosmos supporters came together to create a show that focused on the New York Cosmos and their competition in the North American Soccer League The show is hosted by Nick and Luis, with editing from  Anthoney “Prez” and input from Leo.

This Is Cosmos Country returned as a source for Cosmos and league news, opinions, and the official home of Cosmos Country Podcast.



Cosmos Country Podcast Theme Music
By: Dominic Varle


12674712_10154196894031091_760269247_oNick – Many supporters are familiar with this guy as he was one of the original supporters to champion the Cosmos’ cause prior to their return. You can now listen to him on the show as he butchers multiple languages (English included) and shares his knowledge with a little wine on a show he co-founded and co-hosts. 



12874587_10154196996876091_388676128_oLuis  – The other founder and co-host of the podcast, Luis is a blogga brava who likes to pretend to write every now and then. He’s a stormtrooper aficionado and a born-again gamer who just wants another beer. Waffles over pancakes, Pie over cake, forever. 

You can follow Luis @DeltaReaper on Twitter            (Yes he knows it’s stupid, no he’s not changing it)



“Prez” – Much like Prez…this bio is late.






12722472_10154196870056091_1677893930_oSteve – The young gun of TICC, Steve is the Cosmos B beat writer. He likes to pretend he’s good at FIFA, writing, and sports. He’s not really good at any of them. Don’t tell him!




12874113_10154196869831091_2092313583_oEytan – Down the green field amongst the peppered flags stands Eytan with his Go Pro and Cannon. They call him Blue Steel and picture taking is his game. Spending time in the assessment and philosophy of soccer (AKA the Cosmos) and its glorious supporters group. Smile and enjoy, for your moments of existential drama will be caught on film.

You can follow Eytan @eytcal on Twitter.


12325951_10154196738881091_1539161097_oMike – The creative director who makes pretty pretty pictures. A many of many pictures, not words.

You can follow Mike @vivalashem on Twitter.





Rich –






14600869_10154661962071091_1052059197253158119_nJordan – In a long-distance relationship with the Cosmos, but distance makes the heart grow fonder.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Just heard ur nobody does it better podcast.great job..ive been a cosmos season ticket holder since the reboot. And im a die hard. I live along the beach in Monmouth county NJ.Takes me 2 hours to get to every game.I think I’ve missed 3 in 3 seasons. I can’t get enough of the Cosmos and anything that has to do with them. Great job guys. Thank you

  2. Thanks Kevin – we are working on improving the show even more next year. This was our first year and we felt it went well but of course we feel we can do better.

    Thanks for the feedback

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