Cosmos discuss stadium, preseason, and academy

Sitting with the media on Tuesday, the Cosmos touched upon some of the hot topics currently for the club: the stadium, preseason, and the new academy that begins this year.


Despite the long three-year wait for a reply to the RFP and Cosmos stadium proposal at Belmont, the Cosmos feel more positive now than they did before.

“We fully expect that an answer is coming, yes or no. If it’s a no, we’ve been looking at two or three sites,” said Cosmos COO Erik Stover. “It’s clear to us that there’s an effort to look for an answer on this RFP. There’s certainly a lot more communication over the last two months than we’ve had for over two years.”

It was also touched upon that should the answer be a no, the three current alternate sites consist of two in the city, and one outside of it. However, none of these options has been seriously entertained with the focus squarely on Belmont.



The Cosmos came close to a preseason match in Brazil, but this friendly will no longer be happening. Along with the Amazon Cup, this would be the second time that a game in Brazil has failed to materialize. However, it appears that a friendly abroad is being discussed. In the meantime, they have announced a friendly at Charleston Battery on March 19th. We’ll keep you informed.


Academy Affiliate Program (2)

(Photo: New York Cosmos)


With the approval of the U-12 age group for the academy and announcements expected early this year for the next age groups, the Cosmos are working on finalizing the youth director position.

“We want to make sure our academy is special. We’re willing to go all the way to find the right people,” said Savarese.

The Academy Affiliates will play a crucial part in working to fill the inaugural class and the Training and Development Program personnel will likely play a part in finding candidates to enter the program.


I’m going to say that there may be positive news and more communication coming from the stadium, but I remain skeptical until we see something definite. We’ve already waited three years for an answer.

Love to see the Academy beginning to build traction. The U-12s are happening for sure with more classes on the way and the Affiliates program is there to help them identify talent. Cannot wait to see this underway.

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