Cosmos ready to “Protect This House”

12787489_10154159878291091_264577353_oThe Cosmos announced a multi-year partnership with Under Armour this morning, a deal that will include sponsorship, the design and development of new kits for the club, as well as distribution in New York and globally.

“We are very excited about this new alliance with Under Armour,” said New York Cosmos Chief Operating Officer, Erik Stover. “We share many of the same brand values, including ambition and innovation. Under Armour is one of the fastest growing performance brands in the world and we can’t wait to share our new kit with our fans,” he added.

Additional apparel like t-shirts and sweatshirts are also expected as part of the deal.

Since 2013, the Cosmos have worn the Nike white (home) and green (away) kits. Their quality have often been called into question by many of the supporters compared to other kits manufactured by Nike and kits from other brands worn around the league. The team also unveiled their blue third kit at the 5 Points fundraiser before the start of the season.

The Cosmos now join clubs like Tottenham Hotspurs FC of England, São Paulo FC of Brazil, and Cruz Azul of Mexico as clients of Under Armour.

“We are pleased to launch our partnership with the New York Cosmos,” said Peter Murray, VP Global Brand and Sports Marketing, Under Armour. “The team is a fantastic partner as we continue to help grow both the sport and our brand’s footprint here in the United States. As the reigning NASL champions, the New York Cosmos have a big season ahead and we’re excited to be part of that journey.

The kits will be unveiled on Wednesday, March 16 at the Under Armour Brand House in Manhattan. According to tweets from the club, fans will be involved in the kit launch.

The announcement follows the one the league made a short time ago where all clubs would switch to Under Armour Desafio balls for games and practice for the 2016 season.

This is incredible. In one move, they’ve gotten rid of Nike, who rarely did the club any justice and have become the biggest (and only) pro US soccer client to Under Armour, making them an instant priority. With ambitions of expanding in the US soccer market, I think we can expect them to go all out for the Cosmos. The deal is set to create more apparel for the fans, something they had been clamoring for, and should change the current kit, lacking in quality to something worth wearing by the club. The last bit of it is the distribution of the kit, which this deal can hopefully make easier.

I also have to wonder if the game ball conversations played any part in this deal. Either way, doesn’t matter. I have a purchase to make soon.


Nicks Thoughts

Nike was not living up to their side of the deal with the New York Cosmos. I was not opposed to the kits at all, but the gear available for fans was just brutal. Was there one good track jacket?

Not only that, I walked into Niketown on 57th street and there was not one New York Cosmos item available for sale. However, you could buy international clubs jerseys, scarves, hats and jackets.

Teaming with Under Armour might mean that the Cosmos finally get the TLC it seeks on a sponsorship deal.

The video posted above is really exciting as it shows that Under Armour is as excited about the deal as the Cosmos do. It will be fun to see the gear they roll out and what becomes available for fans.

Now, time for the Cosmos to put a clearance sale on all Nike items so fans can buy up the gear before we move on.



Me again. That last line that Nick said? YES.

Cosmos, pls.

One thought on “Cosmos ready to “Protect This House”

  1. This is exciting, because it seems like UA are going to go all out in the marketing of their partners, to show they are a good partner to work with. I might bite on a good clearance sales for Nike Gear, even though I’m already exciting for the new gear.

    I know it might be asking for much, but I think they had an opportunity last year to cross-promote with the Brooklyn Cyclones when they played in Coney Island with merchandise. I was thinking baseball styled Cosmos shirts and even baseballs with green stitching. They will have this opportunity again, as they state they plan to be in Brooklyn once again.

    Let’s go Cosmos!

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