Cosmos Country Episode 63 – ‘The Rumors and Club Statements Episode’

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nWe’re back talking some mixed results for the Cosmos on the road: a loss in Indy and a win over the RailHawks. We follow that up with a look around the league’s results and news.

We also return to the subject of the league and 2017, compiling all the updates across the last week regarding the NASL and its clubs, including statements from several teams and an answer to the open letter sent to Cosmos Chairman Seamus O’Brien by a founding member of the Borough Boys.

It’s all here on TICCPod. 

15 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Episode 63 – ‘The Rumors and Club Statements Episode’

  1. Nick, Nick, Nick….brother, you know very well that no one is showing up to see the Cosmos this Sunday. Long Island’s history of killing professional sports teams is not the problem. An inept and completely disconnected front office is. What is the excuse going to be when less than 3900 show up this Sunday? NFL games? Pre-season NHL? Rosh Hashanah preparations? Brisk October weather? Strong off shore winds from the Atlantic swirling over the dunes of Jones Beach? Apple picking season now in full swing? Enough is Enough #NightmareOnGeraldStreet, #NassAuRevoir

      • The time to move was 3 years ago. The crowd was pathetic, as we have come to expect in Long Island. Whats worse is that even the 5pts numbers are decreasing. No Sleep Til Brooklyn?more like No Crowd Til Bklyn.

          • fingers crossed the NASL stays afloat. If it does go under, I feel the only option is LigaMX. Buying RBNJ? no thank you. If you fold a map in half NJ and LI overlap each other. Same Sh!t. Once in LigaMX in the short term home games will feel like away games. Guess what? US National team soccer ONLY had away games up until a few years ago and still some stadiums have more away support when the USMNT are playing domestically. The passion that ligaMX fans will undoubtedly introduce to the stadium will be infectious and the long term results will be remarkably better than what we currently have. and Nick, swing by the opts when you have some time because I would like to introduce to you 4 mexican/mexican-american friends I have from Sunnyside. They all have partial season ticket plans and I think you would enjoy hearing their opinions on building a fan base in 718. My friend Jonathan had his son playing on the field during halftime last night.

    • 3900 was quite generous!! The official count was a touch over 2700 and as someone who actually attended this weekends match I can say that is just not a believable number. Let me guess, we just need to appeal to the Long Island soccer community some more? Please, someone again remind me how many 8 year olds are registered to play soccer on Long Island? The number is so tremendous that I cannot wrap my mind around it. Can we hear about the numerous, passionate Cosmos Suburban fan base as well? And how inconvenienced they are going to be when they will be unjustly forced to navigate the treacherous Grand Central Pkwy, or worse yet, the Belt Pkwy on a Saturday night. #NightmareOnGerald St, #OWS, #OutWithStover

  2. A question for your next podcast: Now that we know that Long Island in general and Hofstra in particular do not make good homes for the team, what evidence do we have that Brooklyn would be any better? I want the team to move to MCU, but it does worry me that we’ve heard nothing from management yet about a groundshare with the Cyclones next season. My gut feeling is that it will be easier to draw casual fans to MCU Park than Hofstra or Mitchell – it’s easier to get to for more people, it’s a much nicer day out, and, of course, BEER. But is somebody in the front office making this calculation? Is somebody there figuring out the demographic and logistical challenges and opportunities in Brooklyn? The Cosmos have put such an attractive team on the pitch, but as fans we feel that off the pitch there is so much listlessness and naivety. And that’s what’s blocking the progress of the team, not the demonic alliance of MLS and USSF.

    • Good point KVBT, what evidence do we have that Brooklyn will be any better?. One way would be to take a look the pattern of local attendance from 2013 -2016. After analyzing the data, we might have some conclusions and better understanding and may be give us an insight as to why the attendance has been dwindling. I took the following attendance records from Wikipedia:
      Opening day att. Aug 3, 2013 at Hofstra vs Rowdies 11,929
      Average home attendance 2013 6,859
      Lowest home attendance 2013 5,409
      Opening day att. April 13, 2014 at Hofstra vs Atlanta 7,906
      Average home attendance 2014 5,028
      Lowest home attendance 2014 3,191
      Open Cup Att. “June 14,2014 at Belson vs Brooklyn 1,851
      Open Cup att. June14, 2014 at Hofstra vs Red Bulls 9,364
      Opening Day att. April 18, 2015 at Hofstra vs Rowdies 2,550
      Average home league attendance 2015 6,207
      Lowest home attendance 2015 3,383
      Open Cup att. May 27,2015 at Belson vs Jersey 1,394
      Open Cup att. June 17, 2015 at Hofstra vs NYCFC 11,446
      Semi-final att. Nov 5, 2015 at MCU vs Strikers 5,061
      Soccer Ball att. Nov 15, 2015 at Hofstra vs Ottawa 10,166
      Opening Day att. April 3, 2016 at Hofstra vs Ottawa 5,094
      Average home attendance, 2016 4,302
      Highest home att. vs Rowdies 2016 6243
      Lowest home attendance, 2016 vs Carolina 2,419
      Open Cup att. May 1, 2016 at Belson vs Jersey 984
      Open Cup att.June 1, 2016 at Bronx vs NYCFC 4,500
      Open Cup att June 29, 2016 at Belson vs Revolution 1,264

      P.S I often wondered when the attendance reaches 10k + where are the majority of these fans come from. Long Island, Queens or Brooklyn, I know we can account 1000 fans when we play vs Red bulls or NYCFC and we can account for season ticket holders and 5-points, but what about the rest which is about 5K -6K extra fans?and most of all why? is it because Raul, Sena ,media attention on big names or NY soccer fans are spoiled because they want to see only big names and soccer stars. It would be good to know for management to make the right decision where our next temporary home would be and the new direction the club needs to go.

      • typing error: the attendance on opening day on April 18, 2015 vs the Tampa Bay Rowdies was 12,550 according to wikipedia.

      • “What about the rest which is about 5K -6K extra fans?and most of all why?”

        You also have to cross-reference appearances by Pele and other former greats. That certainly accounts for the opening day boost in 2013 (Pele) and 2015 (Pele and Franz Beckenbauer), the two biggest single-match outliers.

  3. Great question KVBT, and you know what? I would love to hear the response. If I hit Mega Millions and decided to start a club in Amsterdam I would hire people who lived and breathed soccer in Amsterdam, not Rotterdam. There are cultural differences between Amsterdam and Rotterdam because they are at least an hour away from each other. Amsterdam is not better than Rotterdam. They just happen to be two different cities filled with different people from different places. How many “NEW YORK” Cosmos front office/business office employees are from “NEW YORK?” Not many. There are many reasons why feet have been dragging and I would not be surprised if it is due to them completely not understanding life in NYC. We are NYers and we wanted this coffee 5 minutes ago. The subway doesn’t go there? We don’t want to hear about it. Anyone from 718 could tell you that Nassau was going to be a terrible idea. On top of that, just look at the Islanders. They had a dynasty in the 80’s yet they knew it was time to leave. Look at the Nets. They had Dr. J and yet they knew it was time to leave. But somehow the Cosmos were going to show everyone how to harness this mythical hot bed of soccer fanatics, these fabled soccer loving suburbanites and bring them into Hofstra? Please, somebody tell me again how many 7 year olds play soccer in Long Island. What. A. Joke. There was no way 2700 people were in the crowd this weekend. I was there and it looked…it felt like 700. Let me tell you, if the Cosmos can get into LigaMX they should do it immediately. Who cares if every home game has the feel of an away game? Guess what? At least people show up at away games.

  4. If they move to BK, they’ll need a signing of bigger standing than Arango to market the team. Arshavin, to court the Brighton Beach Russians (and EPL Arsenal fans)?

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