Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 71 – The end is near? With Dave Martinez and Kartik Krishnaiyer

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nWe’re back talking all the developments to the New York Cosmos and the NASL, talking about what the future may or may not hold for both.

We’re joined by Empire of Soccer’s Dave Martinez and Kartik Krishnaiyer who share what they know and what they think about both entities. As usual, a great chat with these guys.

We read your thoughts and questions and finally, we share ours.

This may or may not be our last episode, but no matter what…we love you all.

55 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 71 – The end is near? With Dave Martinez and Kartik Krishnaiyer

  1. Before I say this I know many will say I’m crazy but this is the perfect time for a billionaire who likes soccer to buy cosmos.
    Nasl is going down, usl and MLS are expanding and every team owner of usl or nasl has MLS aspirations.
    If no one buys the cosmos, I wonder if garber and MLS or usl will go after them, cosmos is the biggest soccer brand in the US besides the Galaxy.
    At the end of the day, cosmos is team name (brand) that should never die again and only if garber could have waited 2 years on nycfc.
    Any comment y’all

  2. Desperately delusional Cosmos fans such as yourself just can’t accept the reality of the situation, so no comments would be worth the tie relating.

    • Thank you. I’m too worn out to say it.

      I was a fan back in the day.

      I commented back on the old boards that the Cosmos marriage to NASL was a bad idea & was ridiculed by Kick Starter, The Deacon, Cosmos V, Open Cup Fan & other deeply delusional SOCCER WAR advocates. Well, the war is just about over. Terrible.

  3. Red bull is a temporary (team) franchise in MLS , what you gotta say about red bull fans?
    It’s all a matter of time red bull sells their team in MLS and gets triple or double they put into the team.
    Nycfc is a serious organization and will get their stadium and probably be the new cosmos.
    But isn’t this the perfect scenario for garber to come in scoop the cosmos.

    • You are out of your mind. It’s over. Please stop. Red Bull built a stadium, averageso 23k sold per game and is a contender every year. They are not going anywhere. Just stop it. You are out of your mind.

      • Red bull is a mess, if it wasn’t for nycfc they would of been in the dust of popularity of MLS.
        Red bull will sell, it’s just how much can they get and when.

          • Cosmos are a mess and need new owners, I never said they weren’t.
            On the other hand red bull needs a rebrand, say what u want but they do.
            Lastly, nycfc are will be the new cosmos of the US.
            Big teams are coming in, lafc and Miami will make red bull look like an nasl team.

    • Judging by the way you delusional Cosmos fanboys are whining all over the internet, I’d say quite a few of you assclowns are ready to take the drop before I ever do.

      Nice to know you’re keeping up the family tradition. Your bro is a laughing stock on Metrofanatic & Big Soccer and by the looks of things you’re following in his footsteps. Congrats!

      NY is red and the Cosmos are dead!

  4. Shock Top, I can live with the fact that you are delusional. However, while reveling in your lunacy, please attempt to follow some rules of grammar. Your sentence structure is atrocious and makes following your otherworldly rants nearly impossible.

    Frankly, I think Red Bull purchased El Pele and renamed him Shock Top.

    • I like sex too. That doesn’t preclude me from using puncuation. That said, I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well and I hope Santa brings you a Cosmos team in MLS.

  5. I just hope the USSF and Gulati remembers, this was a barren country as far as soccer for years until the New York Cosmos brought soccer to the US. Thanks to the NY Cosmos the beautiful game is it is here to stay and with a promising and successful future.

    • Cosmos fans like myself should take action and communicate with MLS-USL and make it clear that cosmos fans want cosmos in MLS.
      The only huge problem now is that MLS and Garber don’t want a 3rd team in NYC and Red Bull ownership will probably ask for $500 million.
      Hey but if Red Bull Germany reach the champions and want to win bundesliga, they will need $$$$ in order to stay at the top of the mountain. I can’t believe they own so many shitty soccer teams.

        • and you were a fan in the old days and a season ticket holder… are worse than a red bull fan, why don’t you just xxxx off and xxx?

          • No need. I’m just being honest. This is a shit show of the team’so own doing and the league’s own doing. There’s not point in lying to ourselves. The whole SOCCER WAR mentality, as opposed to working with the system and trying it from within, has cost us the team. I’m here to speak the truth and keep everyone from being delusional.

    • Cmon sounders and others had less than 5k at their home games before entering MLS.
      Look at Atlanta, sounders, impact, and most of MLS teams can barely get 18k at home.

      • Yes, but the Sounders were willing to pay to join MLS. The Cosmos didn’t want MLS. Now MLS doesn’t want them. It’s over, it’s done. Best hope is that Red Bulls buy the team name and rename their USL team the Cosmos if that. This great name has been obscenely mishandled off the field since 2010. Now all anyone has left is memories and the stupid BLACKOUT jersey.

  6. By Monday or Tuesday will find out what happens to nasl and cosmos. Apparently Peter wilt from the new nasl Chicago team is recruiting investors for current nasl teams.
    I wonder if garber and company will have a say the next two days since the final meeting will be in NYC.

    • Hey guys, no disrespect at all to anyone. Bob RTed a Tweet from a Canadian soccer reporter; it was not his own Tweet. I can’t debunk it all, but the portion that says staff have been notified…that doesn’t appear to be correct.

      • No disrespect taken. I think Bob is unlikely to retreat stuff with no legitimacy. Where there is smoke, there is fire. This is not good.

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