Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 74 – Snowed in: A chat with New York Cosmos Chairman Rocco Commisso

We’re back with a special treat, an exclusive audio interview with New York Cosmos majority owner Rocco B. Commisso. He offers some updates on what fans can expect from the club and from him and shares what he feels his obligations are in a battle with Nick for the best New York accent.

As usual, we’re here talking about all the new revolving around the club and the league, including returning players and a new home and read off your thoughts on a crazy schedule and questions about the Cosmos, the league, and more.

It’s all here on TICCPod.

6 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 74 – Snowed in: A chat with New York Cosmos Chairman Rocco Commisso

    • yea man – we had an issue with the site and lost some content unfortunately. That issue has been resolved but a few days of content had to be suffered.

      Ps – Pescara finally firing that coach. One win and that was not even on the field – tough one.

      • ciao cugino,
        glad everything is up and running again…though, dont forget about the boards too! Was roaming around your area a few weeks ago…might be looking to sell the apt and buy something with a front and back door. and Pescara is a nightmare. I was at the season opener/home opener up 2-0 vs Napoli at the half thinking, man they might actually be able to make some noise this year…instead in the second half they gave up 2 quick goals, and could have given up 4 more. Ever since we’ve been lighting the owners cars on fire and shooting roman candles at the players attending the christmas party!! Che Disastro. See you in serie B!!

        • In Middville? Im back in Queens now haha

          Yea, their goalie is a nightmare. Hope they can turn it around but yes, likely we will have battles next year in B

          Right now Salernitana are 4 points out of the promotion playoffs but also 4 points out of hte relegation playoffs. B is a very interesting battle.

          As for the forums. They are fucked. Very tough to maintain for guys who do this for fun on the side. We might be replacing this with a TICC reddit page.

          • yea man, its looking like this might be it for Ditmars Blvd. Really, I just want to get closer to you and Louie!!

            Pescara needs to drop down and get things straightened out. 0 wins is quite the black eye.

            I guess with reddit and twitter, forums might be a thing of the past.

            great interview with Rocco. Hope we can have some sustained financial success while he is running the show.

  1. Nick and Luis, I listened the whole podcast. Great job! very informative and a terrific interview with Mr. Commisso who is very charismatic and up front.
    Thank you Mr. Commisso for helping the New York Cosmos, our league and the future of soccer in the USA!
    You can mentioned to Mr. Commisso that the fans from long Island will come to watch and support Our Cosmos every game, either by train or bus, or driving , but we will be there ….!
    During the interview Mr. Commisso mention about the team needs exposure in all the boroughs and Long Island. Well in my humble opinion there is another way of gaining more exposure besides Television is by broadcasting the cosmos games on radio on all boroughs . We need a local radio sportscaster to do the play-by-play of the matches to provide a commentary and vividly describing the action on the field and give a detail information of the players, coaches and organization. In my opinion this will expose the team to broader audience and fans.I do remember the Red Bulls broadcast the home games by radio, however I do not know if they keep doing it. This new exposure of the team in the metropolitan are cannot fail!…so Cosmos marketing group look into it and action! we need action to make this move a success! and fill up MCU park with 7,000 fans!!..We can do it …!we are the New York cosmos fans!!!

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