Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 75 – Preseason, Players, and Pie

We’re back talking New York Cosmos as we see new players, returning players, a preseason trip to the Dominican Republic and a possible new kit provider.

We take a look at what’s happening around the NASL with roster moves and preseasons results and take your questions. It’s all here on TICCPod!

4 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 75 – Preseason, Players, and Pie

  1. If they don’t do intensive marketing they will be averaging 3k to 4k a match and then then next year they will be averaging zero !! If this is Erik Stover’s decision and he’s doing the same non-marketing from previous years then why in hell did Rocco buy this franchise – should have let it die…If it is not Stover’s decision then i apologize to him – but someone must make the decision !!

    • Have faith, it won’t be that way, just they had to rebuild the team from zero, and the formation is still to be filled, give them time, and they will average 5000 people normally and 7000 for big matches

    • 1) Stover “stadium guy” needs to go.

      2) practice those ujjayi breathing techniques now. We might need the benefits of these techniques this season.

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