Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 76 – The ‘Bonus Season’ Opener

We’re back for the kickoff of the “bonus season” as the New York Cosmos travel to Puerto Rico for their season opener.

Young Steve Hamlin joins us to talk about some of our newer prospects and signings. We again look around the league and around the world of soccer. We talk Rocco. We talk pro/rel. We talk your comments. We address some issues. And we do it all in the space of an hour.

It’s all here on TICCPod.

4 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 76 – The ‘Bonus Season’ Opener

  1. when i go directly to the sound cloud site i setup. eps 76 does not show up.

    i had to download it directly from your site.

    i was waiting for a preview but it never showed up on soundcloud and i did not check your site

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