Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 77 – No Goals ‘Til Brooklyn

After two weeks, we’re back, talking two rough matches for the Cosmos, the goods and bads of Brooklyn, and more!

Our special guest is Louie, working in San Francisco this week and Skyping the pod from his hotel room, proving that even being on opposite coasts can’t shut us up. Dress code? Pants optional.

It’s all here on TICCPod.

4 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 77 – No Goals ‘Til Brooklyn

  1. Complaining about traffic? Jesus Chris. After the offseason we just had, how Is this even a thing? God Bless Traffic. You know where there is no traffic? Siberia, Oklahoma, and downtown Patchogue. Move to Brooklyn, sell your car and get yourself a metro card if you don’t like traffic.
    Don’t like stadium food? Jesus Christ. This isn’t baseball. Eat before you get to the stadium. Like pizza? Try Totonno’s or Grimaldi’s which are both literally walking distance from the stadium, or L&B Spumoni Gardens, DiFara’s which are both legendary pizza establishments. Jesus Christ.

    • Greetings friend from NJ! How are things in ML$ land? Lets be honest, no one is killing it when it comes to packing their stadiums in the area. Instead of lurking around trying to, well, I’m not sure what you are trying to do… If no one else has done so, let me be the one to invite you to join us in Brooklyn on April 22nd. There are countless ways to get to NYC from where you are from. A quick google search shows that you can take the Holland Tunnel, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Path train, NJ Transit…

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