Cosmos Country Podcast Episode 59 – ‘The Brooklyn Rumors Episode’


The guys are back talking about a road win, yes you read that correctly, in Puerto Rico, a re-appearance by the Cardiac Cosmos, league news, the rumors revolving around Brooklyn and the updates that followed.

Of course, we take your questions on the Cosmos and the league.

It’s all here on Cosmos Country!

9 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast Episode 59 – ‘The Brooklyn Rumors Episode’

  1. Listening to your Brooklyn episode and you’re talking about traffic. I leave from my house in a beach town in NJ to drive to Long Island. Two hours door to door on a good day. There aren’t too many good days. Its brutal to get to Long Island. I love the Cosmos, but I need them to get to Brooklyn. I’ve had season tickets since the reboot, but I’m running out of friends and family who want to drive that hell from the beach to the stadium.

    • Likewise, I’m from Manhattan and I have invited many first timers’ old Cosmos football lovers from SouthAmerica, but non of them want to go back to Mineola and became an elementary student again. Im also a season ticket holder since August 3rd, 2013, and I will continue been a loyal green and white supporter, but it is time to get out of that “cemetery” town.

  2. The Long Island Fan who does not attend Cosmos matches in Long Island is also not going to attend Cosmos matches played in Brooklyn? Wow. That’s shocking.

    Every additional day the Cosmos spend in 516 they become more and more irrelevant in the NYC soccer sphere. In 1973 the Cosmos knew it was time to leave Hofstra due to terrible ticket sales. Did we really need to learn this lesson a second time? In 1973 the club was averaging 5,782 per game. With the Cosmos currently averaging under 4k per game, don’t you think its time for a change? Or does Seamus and Erik want to see what averages of 2500 look like? The time for the Cosmos to call 718 home was 2013. Welcome to RoughRiders 2.0 if Bklyn falls through.

  3. I don’t care if the fans in Long Island can’t get to Brooklyn. They don’t go see the team while it’s near them anyway. I make the drive from Brooklyn now. If they want they can commute the other way. They had their chance & they blew. The longer the Cosmos stay on the Island, the closer they come to complete implosion.

  4. Let me also add that I personally know half a dozen people who have told me that they would buy season tix if the team were at MCU. People don’t like making the long journey to a 2nd rate facility. Everything about the off the field game day experience at Hofstra is terrible.

  5. Yeah, I’m one of those who will get a season ticket if MCU comes through. Orienting the team towards the city – and to Brooklyn and Queens in particular – makes more sense than this Long Island approach. There really are fans in NYC who for various reasons, often ideological, don’t want to support either NYCFC or Red Bull. They’ll be more willing to get behind the Cosmos if at MCU. You’re resigning yourself to total obscurity by playing out in Hofstra.

    (Cynically, it might be a good idea to look into signing an ex-Arsenal/Chelsea/Man U legend… a lot of NYC-based EPL fans have not been able to get behind NYCFC because of the Man City ties, and it might help attract them to the club if we brought in a player with that background.)

  6. Cosmos and nasl need to get a divorce and move on.
    Each have a better future without each other, cosmos need MLS and nasl need to live without cosmos.
    The sooner both walkway from each other, both will succeed in their own life. We all know nasl needs the cosmos but cosmos would be huge in MLS, if they get rid of red bull first.

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