Cosmos Country Podcast records Thursday, send your thoughts and questions

We’re back and recording a new episode this Thursday with a special guest as we talk Cosmos, recent roster moves, the return to MCU Park, and the schedule.

Send us your Cosmos or NASL thoughts and questions here or use CosmosCountryPodcast at gmail.

We also have a few questions for you. How do you feel about the 2017 NASL schedule? Is it unbalanced? Are there too many travel issues? Are you fine with it? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast records Thursday, send your thoughts and questions

  1. Cosmos front office needs to get on the ball YESTERDAY in developing an outreach plan and messaging calendar to raise awareness of the team and its new home. There was no point to moving to MCU if they’re not going to vigorously attack the opportunity of the city’s larger population and soccer interest. Two different strategies need to be developed – one for the nationals whose day to day attentions are on foreign clubs and leagues and another for the more affluent EPL/La Liga jersey wearers haunting the many pricier soccer-theme bars in the city. They can’t muddle through one strategy, or do both half-assed. I hope their best people are on this, because the work they do now is what will make the years to come a success.

    The mantra has to be professional, local, affordable for the latter audience, and affordable, professional, international ties for the former. Oh, and beer!

    Let’s go Cosmos!

  2. Hi Luis & Nick,
    The Cosmos home schedule was smartly designed to minimize conflict with the Cyclones’ season & potential postseason.
    12 of the 16 matches are before or after the Cyclones season. The other 4 are at the beginning or the middle of a Cyclones road trip. Hopefully this paves the way for NexxTurf which can be purchased and used repeatedly – wherever the Cosmos call home.
    Also, they were able to get “choice”
    dates like July 4th (unlike at Hofstra where they had to play on Mother’s Day !). The road schedule is also good because it will minimize long road losing streaks as they never play more than 2 consecutively.
    Here’s a weird thought – what if the Cosmos actually play the SF Deltas in the US Open Cup Final? Then they would have to play them twice consecutively!
    As far as building the team, they could use
    McTurk and Neeskens as defensive bench strength as well as Guenzatti – when healthy – in the midfield. Still need more offensive midfielders and another striker or 2. Remember, whenever El Salvador plays national matches, the Cosmos will likely lose both Flores & Herrera.
    Overall, very happy they survived and were able to rebuild with players acquainted with Gio’s system. A 4-2-3-1 is the perfect formation for the players they have.

    – Cosmos season ticket holder – then & now.

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