Cosmos Country Podcast records Thursday

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nAs usual, send us your thoughts and questions on the New York Cosmos, your club, and/or the NASL. No questions for you this week. Just send us your thoughts. Comment below or email CosmosCountryPodcast at gmail if you want anonymity.

We’ll also have a guest on to talk about the league. We’ve been looking forward to having him back. Talk to you soon!

4 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast records Thursday

  1. I don’t want to see the Cosmos play in Liga MX. I have a hard enough time explaining to my kids the context of a team from central Florida, I don’t want to have to explain a club from southeastern Mexico.

    I can live with a USL life for the Cosmos, if they’re D2. Or if they do some kind of unlikely split of USL into D2 and D3 layers. If I had to, I could even live with a D3 Cosmos. The main thing I want is a NYC club playing in NYC that I can regularly take my kids to, so they can grow up with the club that plays with passion. It’s what I missed out on growing up in NYC. We went to late 70s/early 80s cosmos matches when I was a kid, and I missed out on growing up with a club in America.

    I cannot stand overcompensating Red Bull fans or a NJ team named after fizzy water that threw away a superior name and early NYC outreach in favor of a shitty name and a focus on Jersey. They made their bed; they need to lie in. And while I don’t share some people’s contempt for NYCFC (except for when they fall to our boys in green!), I find them genuinely un-engaging. Being literally in NYC counts for something, but I dislike being reminded of what might have been for a 2013/2014 Cosmos entry into the MLS.

    I just really hate this roller coaster ride of diminishing returns we’ve been on these past three years. Hofstra was such a bitch to regularly access. They probably should have partnered with NYI or NYCFC on a stadium somewhere. This money-grab obsession with a stadium mall I can’t help but feel is at the heart of this failure. They held onto a bad idea for too long, let themselves get too fragile and putting all their eggs in one basket.

    Fortune doesn’t actually favor the bold, it’s just how the history books get written. Fortune favors the persistent planner. If their MLS ambitions weren’t realistic, that’s a bit on them. What they did immediately after that – to raise the NASL profile as a co-D1 on a shoestring – was completely on them. That seemed immediately dumb.

    I don’t claim to know what they should have done instead. It seems now that a lowered-expectations parallel pyramid demonstrating the strengths of pro/rel partnership with NASL D2 and D4 might have gained traction. It would have been a long-term project, but it might have been the way.

    My kids are going to be devastated if this all falls apart. A year of exhibition matches might be too painful to attend.

    • I think it’s been very clear for a long time that the Belmont project wasn’t going to happen.

      And really, the state shouldn’t hand over the land to a club that’s been struggling as much as this one has. Whoever gets the land, NYS needs to know that they’ll still be around in a couple years.

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