Cosmos Country Podcast records Wednesday; send your thoughts to us!

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nHey Cosmos Country, it’s been a big week for the club. We record Wednesday and would love your feedback for the show. Send us your New York Cosmos and/or NASL questions. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the win over Jacksonville. You can comment below or you can also email us at

Our question to you: With the Cosmos now having clinched the #1 seed, who would you like or not like to see them paired up with in the postseason?

Thanks for helping us make this show!

2 thoughts on “Cosmos Country Podcast records Wednesday; send your thoughts to us!

  1. Please Don’t Sell The Rights to the Final!!!
    Why can’t the Cosmos play the Final (if they make it that far) on Sunday November 13 at Wien Stadium (Baker Field) in Inwood (upper Manhattan).
    Stadium seats 17,000, Columbia Lions play football there the day before.
    Access is available thru the subway (#1 train,A train,buses) and also Metro North at the Marble Hill Station across the Broadway Bridge. Parking is tight though.
    It’s an option that should be looked at. Longtime Cosmos fan from the original NASL (season ticket holder then and now).

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