Make your opinions heard on Cosmos issues!

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nHere at Cosmos Country, we’ve been talking a lot about our issues with the team and shared our opinions, either through articles or on the show.

For our next show, recording Thursday, we want to hear your thoughts on some of the issues around the team. 

  • How do you feel the Cosmos are doing in their marketing of the team? Are they a player in the New York soccer scene when it comes to exposure?
  • On the field results have been shaky this year. What are your thoughts on the Cosmos’ handling of the roster to this point?
  • What’s your opinion on One World Sports? Would you rather the Cosmos be on BeIN or CBS Sports instead?
  • Hofstra. Need we say more? Where do you want the team to play next? MCU Park? Mitchell? Somewhere else? We already know @SomeCosmosFan wants Shea Stadium.
  • How do you feel about the radio silence from the club about the Belmont situation and other items?
  • Your thoughts on the NASL? As fans, does it meet your expectations? What do you like or dislike about it?
  • Let us know about any other issues you have.

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We want to hear from you and we want to make sure your opinions get a voice.


16 thoughts on “Make your opinions heard on Cosmos issues!

  1. Short Term: MCU and sprinkle in 2 big name friendlies per year so the Cosmos can play in Flushing.

    Long Term: Build in Shea’s footprint.

  2. MCU Park is a good alternative but the Cosmos will still be equivalent to what the Cyclones are… a lower tier team. Shea stadium would be a good alternative as not to alienate completely Long Island and support would be strong from Queens . The reality is if NASL and its teams continues to struggle financially and clubs are jumping to MLS the future for the Cosmos and the league is dismal. With the USL likely to get approved for 2nd division status where can the NASL go? Do the Cosmos attempt to buy RedBull? If they want to sell. Is the single entity the future and solution for the soccer structure in the US? Or will the Cosmos get lost in the cosmos US soccer black hole.

  3. On July 4th, 2016 Kingston Stockade, a semi-pro team in its inaugural season in D4 NPSL had 1,000 fans watching them play.
    On August 7th, 2016 the NY Cosmos, a storied club that can boast 7 championship trophies, a team that Pele, Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, Chinaglia, Senna, Raul and Mads Stokkelien all played for, a team that brought a soccer ball and detente to Cuba….had 2800 tickets distributed and most likely about half that number showed up. And this is not even their worst so far this year! That would be another 400 or so less tickets distributed. Please tell me more about this “Long Island Support” that is at risk of being alienated because I just don’t see it. Hofstra is hovering around 85-90% empty stadium.

  4. Game day experience at Hofstra is no good.. Go to MCU Park next year and use Nexxfield. Market the team locally. Sign a big star or two. Seriously begin looking for Plan B while Belmont is up in the air. NASL also needs a boost. No more small owners. No more football and lacrosse lines. No more raiding other teams of their players, sign D1 caliber players.

  5. Beating a dead horse, it is extremely frustrating to see New England make the USOC final after the Cosmos late collapse against them. What makes matter worse is that we keep giving up late goals and results. Dropping points seems to be a regular occurrence. I’m losing all faith in our CB’s not named Ochieng. To top it off it, Roversio has played a TOTAL of 20 minutes so far this year in league play, and he is not only an international, but likely our highest paid CB. I would love to see Duk on a longterm contract, and Lucky and Arango are establishing themselves as mainstays in the midfield. I feel like the back line has really held the team back this year.

    At this point I still believe the current squad is good enough to make the playoffs, but with Indy and Edmonton played so well, Miami making more signings and climbing the Fall standings, and Minnesota and Tampa looming I am nervous about missing the post season. I’m willing to throw this year into the wind if we can move out of Hofstra, into MCU with some temporary seating, and really focus on creating a professional atmosphere for players, fans, and potential signings in a place that, albeit temporary, feels like the home of the Cosmos averaging hopefully closer to 8k in attendance. Hopefully we open up next season with some fresh faces, and continue growing like some of our league competitors, and more importantly make an Open Cup run where we not only make it past the round of 16, but play our home games the same place we play league games (unless we play the semi and final at Shea…).

  6. To be honest, I am disappointed with the cosmos marketing team . I am a huge cosmos fan , but I don’t live in new York , I’ve seen them in their preseason last year 2015 , and recently in another city close by . the Paul kemsley era did a very great job at promoting the cosmos everywhere and everything the cosmos did it was all over ESPN ,Spanish sports media, international and so on…. Something that this new ownership lacks…. OWS is a great channel I enjoy it , but , I prefer to watch the cosmos on bein sports , CBS sports , especially on Bein sports , because they market their programming well ….. Now with players , the cosmos have a great team , since their returned they have maintained a good competitive team , but what’s missing are big players …. Yes we have duk , arango , good international experience players , but I prefer adding players such a Niko kranjcar, senna , or even samaras now that he is getting to form ….this team has the history to pull off signing top players , but that’s the ownership decision . as far a the stadium, move on , go back to giants stadium and bring in top players . NASL for me is another option , MLS has been stuck in terms of players and play for years , at least I see the NASL trying to bring in different players ….

  7. All good questions.

    Marketing – I don’t think this has been great. Inconsistent at best. Fan appreciation day gets a great response, and the Cosmos Girls cheerleading clinic was a lot of fun for my kids. But they seem to be missing out on some very obvious opportunities, like getting listed in weekend roundups in outlets like Time Out New York Kids, and getting highlight packages to the local broadcast networks. It seems like they don’t really have a firm grasp on who their audience is. I give them a bit of a pass here though, because marketing too hard to get people out to Hofstra is pointless if a move is in fact in the works.

    One World – the broadcast partnership really hampers the “big league” feel of the club. It reminds me of those few years right after the NHL lost an entire season, and then had games on Versus the next season. In between rodeo coverage. The negotiation to even get OWS turned on in a local bar is a an exercise in frustration. I can;t help but wonder if the NASL as a whole would get have a better broadcast partnership in place already if they could count the Cosmos is in as well.

    Hofstra – Unfortunately, a lot of the club’s issues ultimately tie back to Hofstra, even the less obvious ones. It seems to be putting the marketing team in purgatory. It likely has some pull on broadcast partnership options, as getting a satellite truck out to Shuart would be a major undertaking for any of the more well known cable networks in the city. And of course the obvious one; attendance suffers. I love to get my family out to games, but this season’s schedule has aligned with some really awful weather. Which happens to every team in every sport… but there’s just nowhere to hide from the elements at Shuart and nowhere to go around Hofstra except the game. So even a threat (30% chance) of rain, cold, or unseasonable heat makes the drive out with young kids a really dicey proposition.

    I’d love to see them move to MCU before the season ends. They can learn from the Islanders’ mistake and really go all-out to embrace their new digs. If they’re not in the playoffs come October, they should do whatever it takes to book a big draw friendly on the day of the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Brooklyn, do some publicity with the visiting team’s stars, light up the Empire State Building green… all of it. And secure partnerships with Brooklyn’s schools, bars, artisinal *whatever* stores, you name it next season.

    Radio Silence – of course, would love to hear something about what’s next. Even if it’s just, “we’re still waiting, but here’s plan B.”

    The League – I think there’s great potential here, but NASL seems committed to the path of most resistance on expansion. The league’s time and money would be better spent working with the best NPSL owners to find a path to the full pro game that works for them. Rather than trying to create fan communities out of whole cloth, why not appeal to clubs like Detroit City FC, who are already consistently filling their stadium? Even if it means giving them inaugural season breaks on league buy-in, you’re bringing more qualified sports owners to the table, and assuming much less risk of a fold.

  8. At the end of the day, MLS will have more territory and NASL will have to surrender, along with their cosmos.
    You can ask cosmos fans what we think about the team marketing or stadium issues, but a historic team like cosmos shouldn’t be playing mind games with their fans or themselves.
    If it’s true that cosmos and garber never got on the same page about ownership and now, cosmos want to make NASL the new MLS, well it has fail written all over. Cosmos need to get their head out the delusional world.
    Why not sell cosmos and get a new owner for the team.
    Like I said, MLS will have a bigger footprint in America. After 24 teams, MLS will target 28 then 32, MLS will go after Detroit, San Diego, San Antonio, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Nashville, st.louis, Indy.
    No matter what, NASL is headed down and cosmos need a B plan to survive, not a B plan for a stadium.
    What makes things worse for NASL and cosmos, is the USL.

  9. Move to MCU Park. Build a respectable NASL-level attendance there (greater than 6k). There’s huge interest in soccer in NYC and despite the MLS competition, the Cosmos will grow in the boroughs, rather than atrophy away in obscurity in Hofstra.

    • The problem is NASL, a historic team like cosmos should never die again and have a smart owner.
      Which other team in USA had Pele, no other.
      Look at Galaxy, Galaxy will never die because of beckham and if we are honest, red bull is just waiting for a high buy out.
      If Chicago Fire can be sold, then why not red bull.
      A cosmos vs nycfc would be biggest game of MLS.

      • SL, if we are going to entertain the hypothetical, lets go “all the way up.” Instead of imagining Cosmos v ManCity Jr in MLS, which would be an intramural soccer match when you take the single entity business model into consideration, visualize what this game would look like if USSF incorporated pro/rel. Imagine if something was really on the line when the Cosmos played Manchester City’s farm team. Now that would be the biggest game in the US. Currently it does not seem like 1) pro/rel is on the horizon and 2) the Cosmos are going to enter MLS, so lets leave hypothetical and re-enter modern certainties. We have already seen what happens when the Cosmos play ManCity Jr. Twice, actually. I am sure you remember, no? Honest question. If Cosmos v CFG would be the “biggest game of MLS” why wasn’t it just as big, if not bigger in the US Open Cup?

  10. Like everyone else is saying, no more Hofstra. It’s demoralizing to see all those vacant seats on the opposite side and I’m sure the players find it to be a bummer, too. The games lately have an overly casual, almost dismissive vibe. Half the people there are wandering around the stands and not even paying attention to the pitch. You don’t see that level of detachment at even a sparsely-attended Cyclones game because as a venue, MCU is just more pleasant to be in. I’m a season ticket holder but I can no longer justify the drive from Brooklyn to see games in that decrepit old Cricket stadium. Belmont is a stupid idea, too and we all know it. Get to MCU or this team implodes.

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