5 Points present Sebastian Guenzatti with Player of the Year award at fundraiser

Sebastian Guenzatti [Photo: Eytan Calderon\TICC]

The 5 Points fundraiser on Saturday night was a massive success, bringing together fans and supporters of the New York Cosmos and honoring former player Sebastian Guenzatti with an award as the winger and current players Danny Szetela and Juan Guerra were all in attendance.

“I’m very emotional,” Guenzatti told TICC who did not hold back on his love for the supporters. “All this love means a lot. I’ve created friends in the stands, on the field.”

“This prize, to me, is a goal to me. To have people that have that much feelings for me and for me to have played these four years on the Cosmos, it’s been amazing. First of all, because the fans made it amazing. Second of all because I had a group of friends, a group of teammates that were amazing. This is all because of you guys. I’m here today and want to come back more than ever.”

5 Points supporters [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

Emotional was definitely the most appropriate word for the evening as the joy of having the club return for the 2017 season was evident, especially considering how close the club came to death towards the end of 2016.

“It’s a second chance at life,” commented 5 Points spokesman Cesar Trelles. “It’s even more so for a guy like me that remembers the Cosmos from the 80’s; it’s a third chance at life. I kinda lost it twice and here we are again. But, me aside, there were so many guys that shed tears over the offseason and thought the club wasn’t going to be back.”

“That’s why someone like Seba was perfect to be the Player of the Year because he doesn’t know where his future lies. He’s always been there with us, he’s a Queens guy, he relates to us, so you couldn’t have asked for a better way to come back by doing what we’re doing today with our Player of the Year and getting together and celebrating the fact that the Cosmos are back,” he continued.

Guenzatti and Danny Szetela [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

2016 Player of the Year winner Danny Szetela was also on hand to support Guenzatti and also surprised the supporters with a contribution towards their fundraiser from the players themselves and shared his thoughts on the award and on seeing the Uruguayan there to collect it.

“It’s great to come out here to New York, Smithfield Hall, the 5 Points are out here,” said the holding mid. “It’s always great when you can come out here and support the fans the way they support us every game. It’s great to be out here and interact with the fans.”

“Obviously, winning the award from the fans is something that not every player gets. It’s something that’s important for a player, at least for me,” said Szetela. “To be able to interact with the fans and show the fans that you respect them as they respect you. And winning that award was great for me, but now seeing Seba win it, after what he went through with his injury, I’ve been always close with Seba and being able to see him here tonight is great.”

Juan Guerra [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

Newcomer Juan Guerra had his first experience with the supporters that evening and was welcomed with open arms after joining from the Tampa Bay Rowdies. After some playful banter with Szetela about their previous on-field battles, he shared his thoughts on the support for the club with TICC.

“I’m happy. I’m very excited to be in New York; to be part of this beautiful family,” stated Guerra. “After what I just saw, the way you guys treat the players, you could always feel it when you come to New York at the games, the way you guys support the team. But, now, just being here, it’s different and I like it. I like how important the players are for you guys and how important you guys are for the players. It means a lot.”

The 5 Points will continue to show that support in Brooklyn when the Cosmos play their home opener at MCU Park in Brooklyn.





2 thoughts on “5 Points present Sebastian Guenzatti with Player of the Year award at fundraiser

  1. A well deserved prize for “Sebas”, but more than that now he knows how much we the fans care for him, specially during those tough days after his injury and the almost collapse of our club..

    Wish you the best Sebas in your soccer career and we know you are going to come back stronger and I hope it is with the boys in Green !.We need you!!
    ! Buena suerte y un fuerte abrazo!!
    Tio Hugo

  2. Seba is a very good player , one of my favorite players , no doubt…. he likes to go one on one with his rivals and thats what i love about a player ….he should be back

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