Five Points supporters request answers from Cosmos

The Five Points at the 2016 NASL Final [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The Five Points at the 2016 NASL Final [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

2016 was an incredible year for the Cosmos fan as Giovanni Savarese led the club to their second straight Soccer Bowl title and third in fourth years, the second straight title won at home in front of Cosmos fans. Juan Arango became the team’s all-time leading scorer and claimed the NASL Golden Ball as he, Carlos Mendes and Ayoze all earned spots in the NASL Best XI.

But the Cosmos’ problems off the field have continued. A pattern of silence has led to more questions than answers from the club. While fans were happy to have the title game be in New York, the decision to play the Final at Belson Stadium in Queens was a decision that was widely looked upon unfavorably.

And now, even their supporters want answers. 

The Five Points are the supporters of the New York Cosmos and have been there, game in and game out to support the club.

The season came to an end with many questions about next season. To date, the Cosmos do not have a home field for 2017. Season tickets sales have not happened or been mentioned. The future of Giovanni Savarese and multiple players in the club are equally uncertain.

The team’s stance on many of these questions was that it was focused on winning another championship. Over a week after securing the title, not one question has been answered.

For those reasons, the Five Points released a statement today.


The Five Points, today, have officially joined the growing group of people who have called for answers from the club for months.

It remains to be seen what happens next.

Disclaimer: This Is Cosmos Country and Cosmos Country Podcast do not represent the views of the Five Points supporter’s group. We represent ourselves and the members of Cosmos Country who share their opinions with us. Some are members of the Five Points, some are not.

You can read our recent stance here.

You can read an open letter from a member of the Borough Boys to Seamus O’Brien here. 


26 thoughts on “Five Points supporters request answers from Cosmos

  1. I hope the FO understands that the Cosmos are not the only team and the NASL is not the only league in the world. We supporters were football fans before the NASL and Cosmos reboot and we will still be in any case of the future. However, if we are not to be lost, there should be answers even if there isn’t much to say. Long before I was “Cosmos Green,” I was Juventus “Bianconero” and a “Juventino.” I still am. This is true for many fans that support the Cosmos. Plus, with beIN sports, NBC Sports network, ESPN, Fox, RAI International, and many other channels, Cosmos supporter can easily support international teams and leagues around the world and eventually forget the NASL. No threat, just truth from a loyal Cosmos fan.

    • Bravo Lew, your point is spot on, ma tutti sanno Juve Merda, una squadra dishonesto, vero mafiosi. Forza Pescara. Curva Nord. Rangers 1976

      • Now, now, Nick. One could say the same of Internazionale but what it boils down to is Juve’s success. It’s not because they are a strange freak of sports teams with a bunch of no names. They always had some of the best players in the world and earned their championships with world cup winning players on their teams. : ) That’s not to say I don’t support other teams in Serie A, like my poor Crotone, but they, like Pescara, are not a pillar of Serie A…but more like Serie B.

        Anyway, getting back to the point: Thanks, Nick. If the Cosmos and the NASL jerk their fans (especially their strong supporters) around, they will slip away and fans will follow their international leagues and teams like before…and that’s a lot of leagues and teams!

        • buona festa, Happy Thanksgiving, Lew e grazie per essere un buon sport, ma non dimenticare mai Juve non può essere il numero uno in italiala perché e seconda squadra in Turino. Crotone is very nice and I actually spent some time there a few years ago when I passed through Camerota, Maratea and Matera. Noi Terroni siamo il numero uno. Go buy some DeCecco pasta this weekend and support Pescara FC.

          I have my fingers crossed that the NASL/Cosmos can find a way through this current difficult stretch. The MLS reminds me of WWF wrestling and I would much rather have the Cosmos go to LigaMX if the NASL goes under. I am aware of the pro’s and cons of this, and I stick with my point of view. They just need to get into MCU for a few years while they build in Shea’s footprint. An 18,500 seat stadium is perfect with the ability to expand down the line. Sell a small part of the team to the supporters and a large part to the Mets. perché no?

          • Ciao Nicola! How are you? That is interesting to know you spent time in Calabria. That’s where my family is from so naturally I support Crotone, Cosenza, Reggina, etc. Naturally, I have been pulling for Pescara. As for DeCecco, fear not. I buy that all the time.

            Ok, now for the NASL/Cosmos: Yeah, MLS reminds me of WWF as well. It’s pathetic. Garber is a dictator and said that MLS has no plans for pro/rel meanwhile USL is being used as an “MLS development” league. However, you’d never know with the NASL. Why not have a group of USL teams built for an MLS 2nd division and/or NASL 2nd div instead? Meanwhile, MLS builds these 25,000+ seat new stadiums that get 1/2 full until playoffs come around. Nah, I’m sure there are many that would have not interest in MLS if the NASL folds.

            The Cosmos could use an actual home to finally call their own providing the league survives. It wouldn’t even have to be big. Seating for 5,000 with a system to expand up to 15,000 would be ideal. Naturally, things like “normal brightness” lighting and a decent sound system should be a requirement. Having a deal with the Mets would be fine…for NASL only. I don’t think I could stomach the Cosmos in MLS.

          • Lew, I can’t reply anymore so Im jumping up here.

            MLS is perfect for people who did not grow up with the game and are not aware that other options are available. Sizzler is great if you have never tasted Peter Lugers. The best thing we can do is support this club, pull more people into this party and hopefully they can get hooked in as well. Being in the stands when there were 3,000, 2,000 or even 1,000 was really strange when the Cosmos had players like Raul and Senna on the field. With an inept FO, I think a grassroots movement has to be the answer. For example, I attended the NASL Final with 12 friends and not one of them would have went if I didn’t invite them along. Now most them are interested in attending games next season. If we all brought 2, 3, 4 however many people every time we entered the stadium imagine how that would look 6 months to 6 years down the line. I see a ton of potential. There are countless people in 718 who have no interest in MLS and support their international club from their couch. If they experienced what a Cosmos game was like live, a team that they could develop a real meaningful connection with on and off of the field, I’m telling you, the sky is the limit. Although I am concerned that the club has yet to release where they plan to play in 2017, I am confident that as long as they find a location in NYC/718 that is easily accessible by subway this club will stay afloat. I like your ideas for the stadium and I would like to add one more. They need to have a Spanish speaking announcer to work alongside Peter Schwartz. Every word that is said in English needs to also be said in Spanish. Look at the Cosmos roster. Look at the fans in the crowd. Take a look at the 5pts songbook. Talk about making everyone feel welcome? Get a Spanish speaking radio announcer or a bi-lingual communications major from a local university to work alongside NYC’s living legend Peter Schwartz every home match, not just when there is a one off Latin Heritage night.

        • non rompere le palle, sacco di cipolle. Andare prima che ti ha colpito in faccia con venti arrosticini. Pescara is the greatest club on the Adriatic. Honorable mention goes to Venezia FC led by Astoria legend Ted Philipakos.

          • Nick, maybe we should get this guy a map of Italy and explain to him that a league does not revolve around the top 2 teams. If that would be the case, there would be no leagues in the world.

    • I think you’re right, but they should also be concerned about losing fans to the local teams. I know several who’ve given up their Cosmos season tickets and bought into City, and according to the podcast I’m not alone.

      • Robert, absolutely. That is bound to happen. City(USA) and RBNY would be more than happy to pick up any fans they can get in the area…especially with RBA normally half empty.

        It’s almost as if we Cosmos and NASL fans are almost super-humanly “willing” the team and league to go on. That can take a toll especially when Saturday and Sunday mornings at my place (and I’m sure others) can watch Italian Serie A, English Premiership and English Championship football with pro/rel systems and no worries about folding.

    • Very intriguing idea, but cosmos need a new owner/s and front office.
      Nasl and usl will keep expanding, but cosmos need to act what their name is.
      Cosmos has the best soccer history in the US .
      Cosmos need a new owner with big money and should think about joining MLS. If you asked me, NYC can support 3 MLS teams but MLS ain’t going over 32 teams.
      Once Miami, lafc join MLS, red bull will have all the pressure on them to get dps and mla will be in their ass 24/7 and maybe that’s when cosmos come in with new ownership in MLS.

    • Nice work. Why not build over where the Izod Center was located next to Met Life. Does Wien Stadium belong to Columbia? If so, would we be corralled to drink beer in a designated area?

  2. Juventus ladri mafiosi disonesti but inter milan when the big scandal erupted got a scudetto assigned by office, which is not good at all either, it should have stay not assigned but Inter Milan had some very powerful friends in the inquiring commission…so the poor cry babies had it….Naples are fuckin terroni AC Milan was the best but Berlusconi got too much involved in scandals because of his hookers…I don’t like Juventus but it’s the only italian team nowadays who can win in Europe because they have their own stadium, as Cosmos should and hope will soon have

  3. Anyway, let’s stick to NASL and Cosmos. Serie A will always live on. NASL is at a very confusing time right now. It’s kind of odd in many areas. First of all, the idea of league expansion during a time when we are losing teams has many fans scratching their heads and wondering…especially NASL champions Cosmos fans. Almost seems like the FO is waiting for 2017 and to see if the league will survive before talking. Also, the Cosmos would need a decent home. Long Island, half in the dark, and no real sound system isn’t a great place…especially when one has to wonder year by year. Last I would want would be for them to join MLS. Ugh! We just need some sort of answers if we are or aren’t going to have a team/league next season or not.

  4. May be we should take a pause and read the proposal of the economist and planner Mr. Isacc Payano. Here is his proposal:
    @NYCosmos #MLS #NASL #USL


  5. So it’s been nearly a week. No public response from the club – can anyone in the 5 Points tell us if they’ve reached out in private?

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