Cosmos preseason destination revealed to be the Dominican Republic

Jack Gaeta with an employee of Club Atletico Pantoja [Photo: Club Atletico Pantoja]

A soccer team with a friendly in a country whose athletic highlights are centered around baseball? No, it’s not the 2015 Cosmos to Cuba trip, but it looks like the 2017 team will play a friendly in the Dominican Republic on March 3rd.

After not playing any international friendlies last year, the New York Cosmos appear set to venture outside the country for the first time since 2015 and their historic trip to Cuba.

Pictures from the Atlético Pantoja Twitter account revealed that Jack Gaeta, Manager of Team Operations, was on the ground and that a friendly was finalized.

“Everything is ready and coordinated for the friendly vs the New York Cosmos on March 3rd at 8pm at Estadio Olímpico,” said the Dominican club’s tweet.

At time of writing, no official release has come from the club in regards to the friendly.

With just under half of February remaining, the New York Cosmos have announced 16 players so far, although Cosmos Chairman Rocco Commisso indicated 17 had been signed on the most recent TICCPod. The Cosmos today shared that a new player will be revealed on Tuesday.



16 thoughts on “Cosmos preseason destination revealed to be the Dominican Republic

  1. Is this 1st time the Cosmos are playing in DR? It would be cool if TICC (or whoever) put together an interactive world map or a list of countries so supporters could look up where this storied club has been and who the Cosmos have played against. If something like this already exists, well, just remember that I am a product of the NYC public school system.

  2. so far they have played more countries than any other team , over 40 countries…. i know the dallas tornado did a world tour back in 1968 , and played i think 22 countries or so ….

    • This sort of history just does not exist in US/Canada. Wish there was a centralized location to read up about the Cosmos’ international experiences/matches.

  3. My cosmos, the team that acts like an MLS team but will never be in the MLS.
    What can we do?
    Heck if Indy are in MLS first than cosmos, I will become an Indy fan.

  4. Cosmos just buy freaking red bull
    Make it happen before 2020 before it gets too expensive
    If done by 2020 u can land messi or cr7

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