Cosmos bolster midfield, sign La Liga veteran Javi Márquez

Javi Marquez

“We’ve got another player coming tomorrow, a defensive mid from Spain. I think he’s going to be a tremendous asset for the club.”

Giovanni Savarese certainly wasn’t kidding at their open practice on Tuesday. On Friday, the Cosmos announced the signing of Catalonian midfielder Javi Márquez for the 2017 Spring Season. 

The 30-year old comes to the Cosmos after building up a respectable resume in Spain’s La Liga, earning 158 caps with four different clubs over the last decade. He tallied eight goals and nine assists in that time. Once hailed by Mauricio Pochettino as “a special player“, Márquez was also capped twice by his native Catalonia.

“Javi is an exceptional player who will bring great experience and quality to our midfield,” said Cosmos Head Coach Giovanni Savarese in a press release. “We look forward to seeing him on the field, as he will make our roster even more competitive.”

Márquez comes to the Cosmos after two years at Granada, where he made 56 appearances and was the club’s captain by the end of his term. He last appeared in the Granada 18 on January 21st against Espanyol, and last appeared in a match as a 61st minute substitute in a 5-0 loss to Real Madrid.

“I am very happy to join the New York Cosmos,” said Márquez in the same release. “I’ve play my whole career in Spain and joining a historic club in the NASL will definitely help me switch gears and stay competitive. I look forward to join the team in preseason and start working towards the 2017 championship.”

Márquez’s contract was terminated by his former club at the end of last month, with Sporting Director Javier Torralbo commenting to IDEAL on the former captain: “His behavior on and off the field have served as an example in the locker room and in the club He is a player who has always acted with responsibility with the club. It only remains to thank you for your commitment and wish you the best in your new sporting cycle.”

Where will Márquez fit in Gio Savarese’s squad? As previously mentioned, the Cosmos manager considers him a defensive midfielder. This lines up with previous lineups from Granada, where the Spanish club lined up their captain as a defensive midfielder in a 4-2-3-1. This will throw the Catalonian in a pool of defensive mids that currently features 2016 holdovers Danny Szetela and Eric Calvillo, as well as newcomer Juan Guerra.

35 thoughts on “Cosmos bolster midfield, sign La Liga veteran Javi Márquez

  1. Guys – It’s great they are getting good players, but I live here in southern Brooklyn in Sheepshead Bay. Hardly anybody here knows that the Cosmos still exist let alone are starting a season at MCU Park in 1 month. Everybody here knows about the Cyclones. Nobody knows about the Cosmos……..Need promotion desperately.

    • Muscles Marsala, you are 100% right. Honestly, I believe that the front office needs our help when it comes to spreading information about the Cosmos. We need to talk to friends, family, get on social media, whatever.

  2. Its really up to us the fans , to invite friends and promote the team on social media. With the signing of amauri , marquez , that should have been on all the soccer channels . And local news outlets …. but for now , everything is going well , owner seems happy, team looks happy as well . And as a fan , thats what i want , and for some reason, it feels like a reboot again, 2013

    • Hey Joe, I agree with you completely. You can feel the excitement of the reboot again. Except this time we are not entering a self-imposed exile to a dystopian suburban wasteland. Not often are second chances given. I hope they can really find their way in the NYC/North American/Global soccer landscape. And also:
      Hey Joe, I said
      Where you going to run to now?
      Where you, where you going to go?
      Well, dig it
      I’m going way down south
      Way down to Mexico way

  3. They do have to do something though. According to Rocco on this very show, the politicians all couldn’t make it for a press conference awhile back. Lets get that in motion. As well as announcing a TV deal. And what the new kits looks like.

    • I hear you loud and clear. Yes, they need to do something. Rocco needs to pull some strings, a TV deal needs to get ironed out and new uniforms made by (fingers crossed) umbro need to be released. We, the fans, the supporters, have no influence on those decisions. I would rather we come together and work on what we can. Inviting family, friends, etc to the games, talking to colleagues, making noise on social media, for example, Amauri played for Juve. Ok, he is not a Juve legend, but regardless, has anyone reached out to the NYC Juve supporters group on Facebook/twitter?
      This is just one example of things we can do.

  4. At least sign at the stadium would be a start. Was there a couple of weeks ago and saw nothing but Cyclones signs. When the Cosmos played 2 games a couple of years ago at MCU they did put up a sign.

    Gonna be tough to draw people when only a few know the Cosmos still play. Was talking to a frien this week and I mentioned my wife and I got a Saturday ticket plan. He said “The same Cosmos from the 70s still have a team playing?? Had no idea!”

    • yea, signs around Coney Island and at the stadium itself are great ideas. Have you contacted your ticket agent? I would write him/her an email ASAP. Actually, the boards no longer exist so perhaps this can be a space for ideas to be generated. Here is one- I will be participating in the 50 mile Staten Island bike tour (competition) on Sat Apr 23. I already told my ticket guy that the cosmos need to set up a table at the finish line where there will be food trucks, music, beers, merchandise, etc. Its not complicated: Athletes, Athletes from all over NYC, in Staten Island, Get the Cosmos name out there. Set up a table hand out refreshments, and distribute merchandise, tickets, ticket plans, whatever.

      • Nick what did your ticket rep say about your idea? I think its a great idea. The Cosmos should have their marketing dept blanketing the city during any events that are going on.

        • He said that he would pass it along, which does not make me feel like it was taken too seriously. I will email others this week. I will do what I can. Post on TICC, talk amongst friends, and wear my Chinaglia jersey on Apr 23 as I conquer the streets of Staten Island.

    • According to Ryan at fan services the sign at the MCU park is in the works. Except, the printing has not been delivered yet. It could take a few more weeks before they put it up. The main things is being addressed, the same thing goes for other posters and signs through out the city. If fans want to contribute with comments or suggestions we can email to Mauricio Villarreal at

      • bravo Tio Hugo!

        Keep in mind that signs at MCU and around Coney Island should be up now, not maybe in a few weeks. This front office NEEDS our help. We need more ideas. We need to be more organized. We need to be heard.

  5. Rocco Commisso and Savarese have been rebuilding the team in such a short time, they did not really have the time to set it all up, Rome was not build in one day, and New York neither. The fans should do their best until a tv deal is done and the marketing campaign starts, but you will see, it’s gonna be a blast and MCU will see at least 5000 people per match which is a good starting point. Just be confident, spread the word like Jeovah’s witnesses and you will see that Papà Rocco for sure has something good for you in store. I live in Italy and unluckily I can’t be helpful, For sure the Cosmos being on beIN Sports will help alot too

    • Nonsense!! you can of course be helpful. Dov’e in Italia? Get watch parties going. Why not? get on social media and get the fellas out to watch a game once the TV/broadcasting deal is released. Make some noise online and at a local cafe/bar. If you need stickers, merchandise, uniforms, whatever, let us know how we can help. With Amauri, Mancini and Marchionni there should be some interest in the old country. You can be our middle man.

        • They care. perhaps they do not show it, but trust me, what you are doing is worthy of your time. Keep it up. I was in Latina taking a boat to Ventotene wearing my Chinaglia jersey and people were going crazy. I was on Gran Sasso and people were asking to take pictures with me because of the Chinaglia jersey. Where in Italy are you? send me your email address, or shipping address, or I don’t know. private message your address to someone that I know on facebook. Are you friends with Nick, Luis, or Patrick Infurna? Contact them if you want. I can get your info from them.

  6. Yeah I agree I was just down in Coney and walked by MCU, expecting some sign that the Cosmos are playing there now, but, nothing.

    • better than Ezra, contact your ticket person ASAP. These ideas need to be heard by the front office and then demand that they are put into action. Lets cultivate these ideas on TICC and then lets put them into action. The time is now. We can’t allow another f*ck up like Long Island was. Not on our watch.

      • Thanx bro…i have tried to post on here a few times before but could not get it to work for some reason and now suddenly it seems to be working. Miss our own personal forum on the site though but i guess this is it for now. So happy we/Cosmos are back. Rocco is a godsend.

  7. Watched an it interview of Rocco on YouTube. He is doing this to give back to the game. Not as concerned about making money in the short term. I don’t think he expects to.

    Another article I read said he expects to average more than the 3000 from last year. Not sure about 7000. He sounds very realistic and level headed.

    I expect to see them in Coney for years to come. The new owner is not a short term player.

  8. WELCOME PARTY: Brooklyn Chamber, Coney Island and community organizations to hold one for Cosmos

    Feb 26, 2017 | New York Cosmos |

    The Cosmos will receive a welcome to Brooklyn next month.

    The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Alliance for Coney Island, community organizations and elected officials will welcome the two-time defending North American Soccer League champions to the borough at a party at Gargiulo’s Restaurant Monday, March 6, from 6-8 p.m.

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