Issues with Yasmani Duk loan?

12810275_10154156556201091_1209603208_oA surprising report from Diez has emerged in Bolivia indicating that the loan of Yasmani Duk to the club could come to an untimely end. Officials at Sport Boys have stated that the Cosmos have not made payment for the loan of the Bolivian striker and have given the New York side a 48-hour deadline to do so.

The deal was negotiated with Sport Boys and Oriente Petrolero, a club the player spent most of his time with during his career. Duk’s contract is split between both, the reason why they would each receive a portion of the loan payment worth $50,000. The split of the proceeds was also mentioned by the player’s agent in a previous interview.


Clíver Rocha addresses the press (Photo: Diez)

“If they don’t make the deposit, Oriente Petrolero could think we’re trying to get away with all the money, because they also have not received any money,” said Clíver Rocha, vice-president of Sport Boys. “We don’t want to think that they tried to stiff us. We’re going to wait until we hear from them. I don’t understand why they had to wait for this pressure to communicate with us.”

We’ve reached out to the Cosmos for comment.

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