Juan Arango states MLS interest, revised view on return to Venezuela

Juan Arango [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Juan Arango [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Juan Arango had an incredible 2016 with the New York Cosmos, helping them to a Fall Season title, the Soccer Bowl trophy and claiming the NASL Golden Ball in the process. With a successful season behind him, the question that’s now raised is whether the Venezuelan returns for another season with the green and white.

“Well, the season’s not over and we’ll wait until it’s over,” he previously told TICC. “My agent needs to sit down with the club and we have to look over any offers that are there. I still don’t know. For now, I’m focused on the Final and after Sunday we’ll look to the future.”

However, Arango recently appeared on Venezuelan soccer show Once Titular, disclosing several possible opportunities for next season, a new outlook on a return to Venezuela and a final opportunity to wear the colors of El Vinotinto.

“There’s some interest for the coming season,” said the 36-year-old. “I could continue with the New York Cosmos, I still don’t know, but I want to continue playing at least another two, three years. I don’t know if it could be in another more competitive league, here in the NASL, or in MLS.”

The midfielder has also caught the attention of several clubs from his native Venezuela. Arango had previously stated a desire to close out his career back home.

“I haven’t only spoken with Zulia FC, but Carabobo FC and Deportivo La Guaira have shown interest. I would need some time to analyze this.”

Juan Arango [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Juan Arango [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

However, the current state of Venezuela could make this difficult. A spiraling economy has led to increases in crime and riots and shortages in medicine and food leading many to dub it a failing state. This, of course, factors into Arango’s previous thoughts on the end of his career.

“I once said I wanted to play in Venezuela before retiring. The situation is difficult, but I’m not closing the doors.”

In fact, Arango will have at least one or two more chances to play in his native land. Last year saw the retirement of Arango from the national team after setting the record for caps and goals. It appears he will have at least one or two farewell matches in country with them.

“We don’t have a date yet, but there will be one or two farewell matches with the national team so the whole country can enjoy. We’re still looking for options with with federation.”

Sounds like Arango has a busy 2017 lined up. The question is whether or not it’s with the New York Cosmos.

You can listen to the full interview here. 


3 thoughts on “Juan Arango states MLS interest, revised view on return to Venezuela

  1. If Juan leaves he can go and help another team and help achieve great things in his future team, but if he stays with us he can help seal the deal by helping the appeal and growth of the NASL and continue restoring the legacy of the NY Cosmos first established by Pele and become again America’s most successful club to their former glory!! we are champions for the third time in four years, thanks to the tremendous contribution of Juan…what a player! ..it is pleasure to watch him performed in the field and making beautiful music with the beautiful game…awesome!
    Juan we hope you stay , at least one more year, but if you decide to leave we respect your decision.

  2. This is fine. Balotelli to the Cosmos. No problem. And we have Mancini to pick up the slack as well. He killed it in DC, remember?! And, you heard it here first, the diamond in the rough for 2017 will be Cosmos C player LH12. Holds two passports which is great because he doesn’t take up an international roster spot. Old school back to the net Center Forward, great at set pieces, confident in the air, accustomed to making near post runs. Luis Hernandez. That target forward who has both the speed and the height to give most NASL/ML$ centerbacks nightmares. Yup, this is fine.

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