New York Cosmos announce signing of Italian striker Amauri

Giovanni Savarese, Amauri, Rocco Commisso [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The New York Cosmos announced the signing of striker Amauri on Tuesday, officially bringing their roster count to 18 players. The forward joins from the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers where he spent the 2016 Fall Season. The 36-year-old played 13 matches for the Strikers, starting eight and logged five goals and an assist.

“Amauri has had an extended career in European soccer and his experience will definitely be an asset to the club,” said Cosmos Head Coach and Sporting Director Giovanni Savarese. “He is a difficult forward to play against because of his size, speed and technique.”

Amauri spent 2000-2016 across 10 clubs in Serie A or Serie B, including stints at Napoli, Parma, Fiorentina and Juventus. He left Torino of Serie A early in 2016 and scored over 80 goals during his time at the top level of Italian soccer.

Born in Brazil, the striker claimed Italian citizenship and later represented the Azzurri in one appearance.

Amauri [Photo: Steve Hamlin/New York Cosmos]

“The New York Cosmos is one of the most storied soccer clubs in the world, as well as the defending NASL Champions,” said Amauri. “I look forward to helping the team win yet another championship.”

Amauri joins Ivan Herrera as the 2017 forward options for the New York Cosmos. While he did have inconsistent appearances last season, he did find the net in the NASL already, including one memorable bicycle kick from last season with Ft. Lauderdale.

He does, however, present the option of having a big man up top, similar to Gaston Cellerino, who made a major impact in the later stages of the 2015 season. Time will tell how this plays out.

4 thoughts on “New York Cosmos announce signing of Italian striker Amauri

  1. I like the idea of having a big man up top, who can be unstoppable, like Cellerino, but if we can not get Cellerino , Amauri is going to be formidable, to do that he is got to get in top shape for speed and strength. this is a good move, but in my humble opinion we still need a marquee player in the midfield or forward to fill up the stadium. I agree with mr. Commisso, we must focus in the long term and for that we need to fill up the MCU park to capacity. We must impress the USSF to maintain the D2 status and impress the politicians, so that we can build our own stadium. For that it is imperative we get a marquee player even if he is 37 years old like Forlan or perhaps rhonaldino.

  2. The Statue of Liberty is the quintessential New York City landmark, due to the noble sentiment of this gift by the people of France to the people of New York City, and in part because of the spirit of Emma Lazarus’ poem, The New Colossus. With the exception of Indigenous Americans, everyone in NYC is either an immigrant or descendant from immigrants. Lady Liberty has always epitomized the best of what New York City has been and always should be. Today is a historic day for anyone who considers themselves a fan of this club. Today we rejoice!! We rejoice in the fact that the Cosmos have left an utterly barren suburban wasteland void of culture and passion. A page has turned.

    • Amen. Our city has what it needs to make the club stable and to flourish. If it doesn’t, it will be because the messaging and outreach did not distinguish itself in quality.

      • serious question- is it our responsibility to keep this club afloat? I renewed my season ticket plan and this year I have persuaded 3 other friends to buy season ticket plans as well. So there are 4 of us. Now with a few weeks to go I am calling and emailing other friends trying to get them to attend the April 1st home opener. Is this where I should draw the line? Because I think contacting local sports clubs/soccer clubs would make sense as well. Yes, this is really the Cosmos responsibility, but I have little faith in them doing the right job especially with “Stadium Guy” Stover and Scum Bag Seamus still involved.

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