Report: Ayoze set to return to the New York Cosmos

Ayoze: what comes next? [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The final defensive piece may finally fall into place as a report from Radio Marca Tenerife indicates that Spaniard left back Ayoze is on his way back to the New York Cosmos for a three-year deal. 

The former Tenerife player was the subject of a report from the outlet based in the Canary Islands and has spoken with the defender in the offseason.

Now, the site indicates that they have discovered his return to New York is impending, as soon as this week, with the re-signing possibly made official in the hours to come.

Empire of Soccer previously indicated that Carlos Mendes was close to a deal with the club and Jimmy Maurer and Ayoze were also in discussions. Since then, Mendes and Maurer have both re-signed.

With the Cosmos since the first game of the Modern Era, the return of Ayoze would be crucial in stabilizing the left side and strengthening the overall defense of a team that still has questions to answer about its lineup. With only returning player on the offensive side of the ball, having Ayoze back on the roster would be a major coup for the defending NASL champions.

14 thoughts on “Report: Ayoze set to return to the New York Cosmos

  1. Más que un defensa; salida clara por la banda izquierda, con buen dominio del balón y excelente pegada con pelota detenida. Gran regreso!

    • Gran Regreso sin duda!! pero tambien por su gran entrega por el equipo… un jugador indispensable !..
      Bienvenido Ayoze ! Los cosmos fans te agradecen por tu lealtad al equipo y por creer en la filosofia de la NASL.

    • Replacing Juan Arango it is not going to be easy, but I am confident that Gio, will get a marquee and prolific forward. We need it to do well and excel against teams in the Open Cup. We are the New York Cosmos…Let’s go Cosmos!

      • Restrepo, Angelo Henriquez, Balotelli, Rafael Borré or Joaquín Ardaiz. Rather splash $$$ on youth and develop talent instead of bring in unmotivated, older players looking for a final pay day like Berbatov, Kranjčar, or Kerzhakov. Id rather see a truly hungry player with a chip on their shoulder…this team needs a real fox in the box, as my boy Billy Fahy, true Astorian-718 through and through via Kilkenny, would say.

          • I don’t think Balotelli is going to happen. He’s playing well for Nice and I doubt they would agree on a transfer fee, which would likely be over $5 mil, easy.

          • I don’t think he will come but it would be a nice clash if he did just to see if Savarese can make him a mature man

  2. I thought cosmos would submit an MLS expansion application just to stir the pot, look at Indy11, Thats what they did.
    I love my cosmos but what’s the future for cosmos.
    With red bull arena selling stadium naming rights, can cosmos come in and play there.
    Let’s be honest, half of he experience players coming back are thinking MLS future with coach savers.
    No way a player signs a contract with no inside information.

  3. honestly I’d resign Ayoze, McTurk, Mancini and then buy Restrepo, Adu, Ledesma/Muntari for the midfield and take Amauri, Berbatov, Cooper and another young american for the attack, maybe someone playing in Germany in lower divisions

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