“They should have joined MLS from the start” – Ayoze shares his take on the Cosmos situation

Ayoze: what comes next? [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Ayoze: what comes next? [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The New York Cosmos find themselves dangerously close to fading back into the state they existed as for nearly thirty years: a memory. Answers are not forthcoming from the club. Players have been released with no statement. Staffers have been terminated again with no statement. Rumors of the current ownership seeking new owners or investors persist. Again, no statements.

With no answers coming from the club, some thoughts on how the Cosmo have been run has come from Ayoze, a staple of the team and a member of the 2016 NASL Starting XI. His recent interview with Marca painted an unflattering image of how things were being run.

“It has been painful, regrettable…that they have let a historic club, through which several of the best players of all time have come through, die like this,” said the Spaniard. “Everything has been the fault of bad management, I do not know if they realize what they have done.”

“We did not think it was going to disappear, but it did not surprise us either. It was commented on during the year that the club was looking for a new owner to move on.”

The Cosmos made a splash, winning a title in their first season and making trips to Hong Kong, England, the UAE, El Salvador, Spain, and Cuba along the way, signing players like Raul and Marcos Senna. But the budget cuts that followed in 2016 were evident to those who observed the club, as well as those who played for it.

“There were innumerable cuts and the sporting side was neglected a lot. We trained on a disastrous field.”


Cosmos practice field [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Having been to that field many times for practice, TICC can wholeheartedly agree that the conditions of that pitch were extremely poor.

As we now know, money issues hounded the team and soon spread into payroll.

“We realized that the situation was more serious than we thought because payment problems arose, especially with the employees of the offices. They owed us a pay cycle, as well.”

It’s since been discovered that employees of the club went multiple pay cycles without seeing a check and, according to employees who have been terminated, they will not see that money until nearly Christmas.

Players have also reportedly been dropped from the team and the farewell messages of several reinforce that fact. Curiously, though, Ayoze maintains that he’s still contracted with the team through next year.

Could anything have avoided these issues? The defender has a thought and controversy will definitely fly over this one.

“Our opinions won’t matter anymore, but they should have tried to enter MLS from the start.”

“Everything would be different now.”

It’s not an easy topic to debate but, based on the success of NYCFC, one does have to wonder how the team’s fortunes might have looked there instead this year. But, that debate is not for here. His next thought, though…that’s something many Cosmos fans should be able to get behind.

“The way everything finished, after four years, creates a great disappointment. It leaves you to think that they have been playing with the feeling of professionals, their families.”

Every individual with a stake in this club has been failed. The staff, the players and, of course, the fans. All while the club dies silently.



12 thoughts on ““They should have joined MLS from the start” – Ayoze shares his take on the Cosmos situation

  1. Obviously he’s right and they should have joined MLS. It seemed really
    dumb at the time, and in hindsight, it seems even dumber. What a shame, indeed.

  2. Garber is holding a grudge with cosmos and it might be too late for cosmosand
    The sad part about This is that cosmos might be get new owners and never make it to MLS due to Red Bull-garber love.
    As for Nycfc,We all know Nycfc will succeed and have their own stadium, but if cosmos are smart, they can play at Nycfc new stadium and maybe apply for MLS in the future.
    The other option is, merge with Red Bull or buy out Red Bull,but cosmos need new owners with lots of money.
    Too bad cosmos owners were to delusional about not joining MLS, now cosmos fans need to wait again.
    If cosmos fans want their team in MLS, there’s a man by the name of Jason Ader who wanted to buy Red Bull, go after Jason.

    • Garber loves Red Bull because they were willing to invest in MLS when the league could not attractive investors. His loyalty is well warranted.

      And he’s probably glad to have not gotten involved with a piece of shithe like Seamus.

      • Yes Seamus is piece of shit and every owner needs to invest in MLS, it’s all business.
        How many billionaires have come and go in MLS.
        Ny Red Bull is lucky to not be the new Chivas USA

    • “Garber is holding a grudge with cosmos”

      No, he’s not. That’s silly.

      Why should he? The Cosmos turned MLS down, and were replaced by the infinitely deeper pockets of NYCFC. So Garber now has a partner worth billions and he doesn’t have to be in bed with O’Brien.

      Seems like a win-win for Garber.

  3. The red bulls can be in MLS but in the last couple of years they have lost money , most MLS teams do … they receive 90 + millions a years from tv but average 300,000 views on ESPN or fox …. something is behind this …. I have a feeling NASL will survive , but we will wait and see

  4. He is right. They should had join MLS when they had the chance. Seamus fucked that up. I understand MLS is a single entity & you was taking back as a surprise when you have to give a % to MLS. But when you have a big company like Red Bull investing kind of makes you think. I was Heart Broken (as my father, older brother, uncle & cousin) when comos said no to MLS & NYCFC enter to picture and swoop that spot right underneath them. I knew that the state was gonna say no to a 25,000 seat state of the art stadium for a 2nd division team. The fact i notice cosmos merchandise was the same as 2013 and no new merchandise was being made but disappearing & the fact when i visited ny to see my family i only saw NYCFC everywhere & no NYCosmos media promoting was a red flag. Even Raul couldn’t generate a bigger media attention. He couldn’t help a sell out or a very could crowd. I knew in oreder for them to succeed they needed a tv deal as well as the league and the other teams in their local market. When they got OWS i said ok now they have a chance, but i was let down again when it was only available on dish network. Ayoze is right. They should have join MLS when they had the chance. Seamus just played with everybody feelings. He decided to just make a qiuck buck and get out. I’m still hoping the cosmos will get a smart owner & join MLS. But that will happen only when Don “Fucking” Garber steps down & that’s not happening anytime soon.

    • Save your ire – Garber doesn’t deserve it. The more we learn about Seamus, the better Garber looks for not having gone into business with him.

  5. I don’t think MLS will have a 3rd team in NY. Not for a long time, anyway. Cosmos missed their chance. Its a shame for MLS too I think- having the Cosmos brand under their umbrella, Cosmos shirts with Pele on them and the MLS logo, etc- would have been great for them. But I think it’s pretty clear that it was Cosmos ownership who nixed it.

    I don’t know what happens now- best case scenario I guess is some billionaire buys them and enters USL? Maybe in 2018, realistically? But then it’s with completely new players, no one we’ve all been following and loving for the last few years.
    And then maybe hope MLS expands to 32 teams and wants a 3rd NYC team, or wait for Pro/rel, but that seems like pure fantasy. I don’t know, I don’t really see any realistic options for the team at this point.

    But hey, now maybe NYCFC might win an Open Cup game (amirite?)….

  6. they should have went to MLS when they had the chance, going as an “independent” club is a disastrous decision in the US soccer market – does not work!

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