Ukrainian-American winger Eugene Starikov trialing with Cosmos

Eugene Starikov

In the wake of the Cosmos 1-0 win against FC Atletico to kick off their Dominican Republic tour, TICC can now confirm the identity of one of several trialists present as Ukrainian-American Eugene Starikov.

Starikov was on the pitch for the second half of the Cosmos victory, the club confirmed Tuesday. He wore #13 during the match. The 28-year-old last played for Chornomorets of the Ukrainian Premier League and had a five-year stint at Russian giants Zenit Saint-Petersburg.

Born in the Ukrainian SSR, Starikov spent most of his early life in Huntington Beach, California. He got his professional start at Bradenton Academics, scoring 12 goals in 5 appearances before his move to Russia. Starikov also earned three caps for the United States U-23 National Team in 2012 following a training stint with the senior team the year before. He also recently trialed with Minnesota United.

Eugene Starikov

The fact that a Ukrainian is trialing with the Cosmos comes as no surprise. At a press conference last Tuesday, new owner Rocco B. Commisso, answering a question about targeting the local Brooklyn market, said he told Giovanni Savarese to “get him some Ukrainians”.

It appears the Cosmos may have done just that.

5 thoughts on “Ukrainian-American winger Eugene Starikov trialing with Cosmos

  1. sorry to say but if hiring the little-known portuguese/russian/italian etc etc worked, there wouldn’t have been any need for the Cosmos to show what soccer is to americans in the 70’s…it never really worked and it was a failure since the late 60’s, I respect Don Rocco but I don’t think this would mean ukrainian-americans flocking to MCU Park

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