Fans’ displeasure over potential Cosmos Final venue is #BiggerThanBelson

Note: Picture not an accurate measurement of Belson.

Note: Picture not indicative of Belson dimensions

With the Cosmos’ announcement of Belson Stadium as their venue choice for a potential NASL Final, it was inevitable that fans of the Cosmos and other clubs around the league would have strong objections.

Should the Cosmos advance to the NASL Final by beating Rayo OKC (at Shuart Stadium), they will automatically host the match

Belson Stadium seats approximately 2,600 and sits atop a parking garage at St. John’s University. There’s not much in the way of amenities with the limited space it occupies, there isn’t room for much else besides grabbing a snack at the food kiosk and getting to your seat to watch a game.

The facility does not do justice to an American second-division championship and its seating capacity does not meet the standards of said division.

And the fans have spoken out. Taking to social media, NASL fans have shared their displeasure, with #BiggerThanBelson getting some traction on Twitter.

With only the aforementioned 2600 seats available, seating will be in short supply, both for Cosmos and visiting team fans.

But, for the moment, it’s patience that is running out in regards to the situation as fans continue to vent.

4 thoughts on “Fans’ displeasure over potential Cosmos Final venue is #BiggerThanBelson

  1. I’ve been to Belson for the lamar cup matches. It is not big fun when it comes to amenities. But I can put up with one-offs. And I do have to share that my kids loved the matches they saw there. When I asked them they said it was because the field and the players were so much closer to the seats than they expected.

  2. Ideally, this club has reached rock bottom. Long Island and its fabled soccer mad community is now in the rear view mirror, slowly fading away. Banking on suburbanites to support a soccer club was a mistake. Trying to build hotels and restaurants at Belmont was a mistake as well. The Cosmos are in the middle of a transition back to NYC and ultimately back to relevancy. If the team makes it past OKC this Sat the stepping stone to Brooklyn 2017 will be a Championship match in Queens. Its all good. Now if Brooklyn falls through, thats a different story. Then this move is truly terrible and I will be reduced to listening to Coldplay’s greatest hits for hours on end.

    • Agree completely! I can’t count how often people turned down invites to see a game once I said they were in Mineola. Being on a subway line that runs every ten minutes at worst is infinitely better than being on a commuter train coming by every hour, and hoping the school bus gets to the station in time. Density is the opportunity to build a reliable base. Relying just on suburban families is fine for a D3 team, but you need a larger slice of childless younger people to have the time to show up on a regular basis.

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