Years after stadium bid, Cosmos finally receive a “no”

Stadium-2It took years, but the New York Cosmos have finally received the answer to the stadium bid placed on Belmont YEARS ago.

And, much like everything else lately, nothing is coming up Cosmos. 

A report from Newsday indicates that the the Empire State Development Corp, which issued the request for proposals at Belmont, has decided to scrap all four existing proposals, including the club’s bid to build a home ground.

The Cosmos, who had placed the bid in 2012 and waited over four years for an answer, have finally received a cancellation letter.

“The Belmont Park RFP has been canceled in order to consider economic development and job creation opportunities beyond the scope of the original request,” said Jason Conwall, the ESD spokesman.

After a request for revision in 2015, the Cosmos submitted a revised bid for the stadium. Titled “Elmont Town Crossings” the 25,000 seat stadium would have been accompanied by a 175-room hotel, nine restaurants and over 300,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space. The development would have come at the cost of $400 million dollars of private funds.

The stadium was a major part of the Cosmos’ plans and the cancellation of the RFP is just another setback in an offseason that has seen the release of staff, players and coaches and questioned whether or not this team survives.

21 thoughts on “Years after stadium bid, Cosmos finally receive a “no”

  1. You know, this doesn’t bother me at all. The heart of the instability for the club was the overprioritization of this particular stadium development deal. It was all about the money they were expecting from the mall, the restaurants, etc.

    But the location sucks. The transit to the site sucks. Little of this was about the long-term interests of the club itself. This stadium deal is what you do after you’re established, and have a fan base outgrowing the existing stadium lease. I still would have hated it for the location (way too far from NY, regardless of it being better than Mineola).

    The Cosmos will I hope be bought out, be rebuilt, will kick it around for many years building up an organic fanbase within NYC, and then go do something like this – within walking distance of a subway station.

  2. New York cosmos need great owners who know the history of the team and fans …. this team can play anywhere and attract people , but it all depends how commited the owners are or new owners ….. I love this team

  3. Excuse my typing but I’m watching MLS cup. Is it me or it feels liike an NFL super bowl game more and more every year. Exciting times for MLS!!!! Imagine if MLS reaches 32 teams
    How about this?
    Cosmos join usl with new owners or same owners. Next, cosmos play and pay rent at red bull arena then join forces to with nycfc new stadium.
    Consequently if everything is good with cosmos in the future, then cosmos apply for MLS, with the new nycfc stadium or stays at red bull arena paying rent.

    • With all respect, the last thing I’d prefer is to see US D1 soccer be more like the NFL. I’d rather watch paint dry than an American football match. A Super Bowl is this bizarre ritual experience. If I wanted ritualized performances, I’d watch a baseball game.

      The NFL destroyed a competing league as well…

      • Why should any soccer league in the USA model itself after a successful sports league like the NFL? Or for the matter, other successful leagues like the NBA, NHL & MLB?

        How much proof do you need that this independent soccer club, let’s do it like Europe because Europe does it right, we’re more authentic than thou, horse shit doesn’t work in this country?

        There’s a reason why MLS is succeeding and the landscape it littered with failed leagues like the NASL. Some of you guys need to be throat punched.

        • It’s been my sense that probably the ones more deserving of a throat punch are the mothercopulating assholes suggesting violence first.

          The main reason they’ve succeeded is that they drove all their competitors out of the field. This is true of almost every professional D1 league in the US. Whether there was a ‘merger’ at some point doesn’t change the fact that that’s just collusion at best to stop any further competition or competing rules. First movers still get an advantage, and once big money started pouring it, money goes to reinforce money.

          I like pro/rel, I think it makes the game far more interesting than closed league shit. I’m not a religious nut about it, but it is a strong preference. I care about club more than a league, so the preference drives from that. Were the Cosmos to make the MLS somehow at some point in the far future, I’d start watching because I care about the club more than a league. There’s no question to me that south american and european leagues have the combination of talent, supporter love, money and pro/rel to keep things very interesting. After the Metrostars turned into caffeinated NJ fizzy water, what started out as a tepid interest in the MLS just withered away. The Sounders/Timbers rivalry is probably the most interesting part of the MLS, but that’s not enough to sustain attention.

          • Keep on dreaming Griz. Nobody invests in leagues like the NASL because their business model is garbage and you’re totally blind to think otherwise.

            It wasn’t collusion–it was a shit product the Cosmos and the rest of the league put on the field.

            The NASL doesn’t come close to matching ANYTHING MLS does. But keep dreaming pal. I’m sure somewhere down the line some other dopes will purchase “the brand” and the circle jerk will continue. The Cosmos can fold a 3rd time and take another league with it.


          • Exactly y’all and that means MLS needs the cosmos brand and MLS is not going against the European or South American leagues, but versus NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB.
            MLS needed the MLS cup to be at Seattle but Toronto wasn’t a bad host.
            Hopefully next year a real team like Seattle/Toronto gets MLS cup at home again.
            I would love Seattle to repeat and play Toronto again at Seattle.

      • Yea, really, enough already. I can’t even find a thread of humor left in any of this. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. and now its shot. Christ. Enough.

        • Best thing that can happen is that we resign the Cosmos to our memories and move on. This has been a shit show since 2010. The players rose above the nonsense, but on the business side, it has been shithe and PK then Seamus killed the brand forever

  4. I was excited when the comos announced a plan for the stadium and jump for joy when they show the plans, but that joy died out so fast when Seamus decided to stay in long island. Long story short i move to PA in the summer of 2010 to be close to my father. He was the biggest cosmos fan back in the day. I learn about this team growing up cause of him. I brought season tickets for 2 seasons. Do you know how hard and far it was from PA to Long Island to drive. We went to a few games but we could not go to all games. Yes i take full responsibility that i should have thought about buying season tickets. All I’m saying is if the cosmos were in actual ny like Queens, Brooklyn especially the BX cause we have family still living there, it would have been soooooo much easier to get to games & go to more games. Both my pops & I didn’t like the idea of Belmonte & we both knew it was a stupid idea. I knew state was gonna say no back in 2013 and by then as a fan i knew things werent going so well, i could just feel it and had many arguments with fans that were so naive (like i was in buying those season tickets) or maybe they were so passionate they didn’t realize what was going on until now. Belmont was a dumb idea and the fact they went to Hofstra to play was even stupider. They should had found a place in NYC.

  5. Luis- Exactly how were they going to build a 400 million dollar stadium complex if they didn’t even have the wherewithal to keep the team from folding?

    Almost seems laughable………Was any of this ever realistic or was it all just pie in the sky?

    • I don’t think it was ever realistic. We know if the team had enough cash to build even if they were chosen to develop the site.

      And considering that EOS was writing articles about terrible attendance in the first full season, the state was never going to give Seamus that land.

      • The 400 million always sounded like a solio’d arrangement with a third party who would essentially have gotten the biggest cut of whatever revenue came out of the place, and possibly would have ended up owning the land. I never anticipated it as money the Cosmos or Seamus literally had. Seamus would have been essentially the fixer for resolving the problem of acquiring land so close to NYC relatively cheaply. The whole thing with the state was not just allowing a stadium being built, it was to transfer ownership of a piece of public land. Being the guy who gets that done for foreigners is worth something to them.

        It’s hard to say how long that commitment would exist.

  6. If cosmos get new owners, they should definitely partner with Nycfc with the new stadium. That way cosmos brand survive and play in the USL and help Nycfc get their stadium.
    Red bull ain’t going anywhere, Garber loves their juice.

    • Ok..listen carefully. There is no stadium. There is no team. There is no need for NYCFC to partner with a non-existent team and Seamus is a piece shit.

      All your talking does is anger people who have been through this TWICE in their lifetime.

      No please shut up.

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