Flores, Herrera ready to bring El Salvador partnership to the New York Cosmos

[L-R] Andres Flores, Richard Menjivar, Irvin Herrera [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The Cosmos have been busy this offseason, rebuilding a team that was released near the end of December. During the rebuild, they recovered Andres Flores and wound up signing two of his teammates from his national team: Irvin Herrera and Richard Menjivar. Together, the three look to add an El Salvadorian flavor to the 2017 New York Cosmos.

“Well, it feels great,” Flores told TICC. “It’s always nice when you can see a person from your country and now that I have two teammates, it’s great. I’m just trying to enjoy, just trying to help them out in any way I can and just trying to enjoy it, because it’s always hard to have teammates from El Salvador, but now I have two so we’re just trying to enjoy it and put our work on the field.”

Andres Flores [Eytan Calderon/TICC]

The midfielder, part of the club since 2014, suddenly found himself without a team as players were released following their second straight NASL title. Following such a roller coaster of events, Flores did what many people do when trying to reason things out and figure out their next steps.

He went home.

“Well, I went to El Salvador to spend time with my family,” he shared. “That’s always good for us because we have a long season and we try to spend the most time with our family as we can. So I went there and was always trying to read the news, and read you guys, to see what was the news that was going on with the team and other than that, just trying to study the options and see what was best for me.”

While back home, Flores spent time with his national team in the Copa Centroamericana. During his time with them, he helped earn them qualification to this year’s Gold Cup, assisting on the goal that got them there. The man who scored that goal? None other than current Cosmos teammate Irvin Herrera.

“It was a good connection. He sent me a good pass, truthfully, and I just had to push it towards the net,” said Herrera of the goal.

“Yeah, we’ve been teammates now for a few years and we know each other well. We’re good friends. We get along very well and I know on the field, there could be that connection that could help the team find results on and off the field, as well,” he continued.

And the striker has clear what his objectives are for 2017, score goals and win another championship, especially after being unable to find a title with St. Louis FC last season. To that end, he feels that the relationship with Flores could be crucial, but believes he is finding a connection with more teammates as preseason goes on.

Irvin Herrera [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

“In my first season, I want to win a championship since we couldn’t in St. Louis, but we did it in El Salvador with Santa Tecla and every player wants this every season and that’s what we’re going to be looking for.”

“We know each other very well,” he said of Flores. “We’ve been playing together for some time. And not just him, my other teammates are getting to know me, my style, and my movements so that we can function better on the field and to score many goals, which is why they’ve brought me here, no?”

And after a title, a release from his club, the rumored death of his team, a trip home, a stint with his international team and the return of his club, Flores is just glad to be where he currently is in 2017: back where he was in 2016.

“Well, it feels good to be back after all those months that we had really tough moments and times. So now that we’re here, it feels really good ‘cuz we think that if we push and we do a lot of our work, we can do a lot of good things. It feels good to be back.”


12 thoughts on “Flores, Herrera ready to bring El Salvador partnership to the New York Cosmos

  1. Well, they might as well add Nelson Bonilla while they’re at it!

    I’m excited to see this trio play throughout the year. It’ll be cool for them to represent the Cosmos in the Gold Cup, although slightly disappointing because that means they’ll probably miss out on Open Cup play.

  2. I hope we see the Salvadorian community support in large numbers, seeing three national team players from their country has got to be a big motivation for them.

    • Lets…..lets not leave it down to hope. The El Salvadorian community needs to be welcomed at the grassroots level. Is anyone going into ES restaurants, bars, community centers, etc and extending a welcoming hand? Who is letting them know that 3 of their national team players are playing in Brooklyn and that they are welcome? I am doing what I can. This Sunday I am having lunch in an ES restaurant in the mighty Q-boro. I will be giving 2 tickets from my season ticket plan as well as the phone number of my ticket rep to the owner.

      • I agree, let’s not leave it to hope!. I have approached Marc Dombek ( NY Cosmos Account Executive) with the idea of passing out information to the Salvadorian community of the three national team players in the form of a flyer. He liked the idea and If they provide the flyers I will distribute them in all Salvadorian and Spanish Restaurants that I can find in Brentwood, Bay Shore and Central Islip. Also I can take them to the Salvadorian consulate in Brentwood. Those flyers could also be distributed by cosmos fans in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.. I am sure we can get a few volunteers through TICC podcast. Let’s see what happens. I will keep TICC informed of any developments.
        Tio Hugo

  3. There are about 200,000 El Salvadorans in the Metro Area, around 40,000 in the five boroughs. It would be great if the ES contingent on this team could attract a couple hundred more fans.

    Question for the pod: I live in Brooklyn, and travel around the borough a fair amount. As of now, one month ahead of the season kick-off, I haven’t seen anything about the Cosmos anywhere. When the Islanders moved (which still rankles, because I’m a Rangers fan), you couldn’t escape the billboards, subway ads, bus advertising, etc. Of course, the Cosmos don’t have that kind of marketing budget, but can’t we expect some kind of public advertising presence from the team?

    • I have the same question. I also live in Brooklyn, and aside from a few stickers in Bensonhurst and a BK Chamber of Commerce dinner next month, I’ve seen bupkus.

    • According to Mr. Beisel (NY Cosmos Senior Director Ticket sakes) all of concerns regarding public advertising is being addressed and working on through the Mediacom ( Rocco’s parent company) & the marketing campaign. Such as advertising through Spanish speaking station, or local print in Spanish papers. In addition they are trying to reach as many outlets as possible to make it a success! We all hope to see a successful end result.
      Tio Hugo

  4. Hi Luis & Nick,

    Team Chemistry
    At what point will the 2017 team form a cohesive unit? In 2015, it was the signing of Gaston Cellerino in August which helped the Cosmos into the playoffs and win the Final.
    In 2016, it was the departure of Niko Kranjcar and the tandem of Yohandry Orozco/Juan Arango which helped the team’s chemistry, especially late in the season.
    While it’s great that 15 of the current 20 Cosmos have already played here under Gio’s system, how & when will the 5 new players fit in? If the 3 El Salvador players (Flores,Herrera,Menjivar) have int’l duty then the bench must be strengthened.
    Why not add offensive midfielders Hagop Chrishian, Leo Fernandes, and for the fall season Sebastian Guenzatti – especially if Javi Marquez decides to leave after the spring?
    The defensive bench can be strengthened by adding Kyle McTurk and John Neeskens.
    The more players who have played here previously the better. They know their teammates and Gio’s system.

    The Cosmos need to televise as many games live as possible in NYC. Why not have the games on WWOR – channel 9 with Shep & JP in the booth?
    Exposure is the key as many fans don’t even know the team exists.
    On gamedays at MCU, why not have a coupon on the back of the Cosmos ticket for Nathan’s – if the Cosmos win, you get a free hot dog when you buy one?

    Lastly, could you please find out from the team – When I renewed my pair of season tickets I was told they would be giving out only one jersey this year when last year we got 2 jerseys and 2 hoodies? When the new owner took over, I didn’t expect this!

    Season Ticket Holdet – then & now,
    Mike Jaffee

    • Yeah, they told me one jersey per two season tickets. The season ticket holder swag this time didn’t seem that impressive. It’s fine, if it helps the club in these early days get their footing, but I’d’ve preferred something a little more exclusive. I really liked the club 71 scarves and ball caps – for example – that singled you out as an early supporter. They should have done something like that to call out the change in venue and a new beginning in the five boroughs. Let people show some local love.

    • Mike, I am so sorry. I missed this and we didn’t answer them. I can’t speak for Nick but here’s what I think:

      I think you nailed the idea of “the moment” that things click. Niko Kranjcar leaving was absolutely a catalyst to this team’s success last year. Plenty of factors led the Cosmos to success in 2015, but Gaston got them over the hump. But you yourself prove that you can’t really pinpoint it. This team went through a lot of trauma in the offseason. It’s hard to determine exactly how that impacts them this year.

      Gio hasn’t been shy about benching veteran players for new guys. Could see someone like Marquez get a start over Danny or Juan Guerra. I’m not certain why Hagop has never been re-visited, but it doesn’t look like he’s played in some time and that raises questions of my own. We won’t get Leo back, I think. I don’t think there’s a strong enough appetite. I’d love Seba back and hope that can become a thing, but it won’t be for some time.

      Exposure is key. I don’t know what the appetite is for local broadcasters to show the team. I do know some local news orgs have taken interest in their existence since the move to BK.

      LOVE the Nathan’s idea.

      I’ll try to find out, but honestly, we’ve watched some cost cutting come under Rocco. Last year STH’s got that hoodie. This year they get a scarf.

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