Sebastian Guenzatti: “I’m here today and want to come back more than ever”

Sebastian Guenzatti and partner [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

Sebastian Guenzatti’s future was put into question in an otherwise unremarkable game in Ottawa early last October. In the midst of a 1-1 draw, the Uruguayan went to ground after a collision, writhing in pain. The revelation of a ruptured ACL officially ended his season, leaving him looking at a 2017 return at the earliest.

But whereas the midfielder suffered a season-ending injury, the club would soon undergo a near-death experience where many things fell into question, including what lay ahead for Seba.

With the future of the club in doubt, a painful interview with the released player on Empire of Soccer laid out the challenges ahead of him.

Fast forward three months and Guenzatti is recovering, smiling, and being honored by the fans as the recipient of the 5 Points supporters Player of the Year award.

And he still bleeds green and white.

“This prize to me is a goal to me,” he said about receiving the honor. “To have people that have that much feelings for me and for me to have played these four years on the Cosmos, it’s been amazing. First of all, because the fans made it amazing. Second of all because I had a group of friends, a group of teammates that were amazing. This is all because of you guys. I’m here today and want to come back more than ever.”

“Time will tell. And hopefully, I can join the team again.”

The 25-year-old has shared some of his road to recovery on social media and fans were happy to see him on his feet again at the event. Guenzatti also shared what he’d been doing for the last few months.

“I’m recovering. Obviously, every day I’ve been working harder and harder. I went back to Uruguay to do some therapy; got to see my family. My grandma that turned 90, got to celebrate with her and, you know, just taking it step by step.”

“I don’t wanna hurry, because it was an injury that can happen to anybody, really. It’s not an injury they warn you about. So, like I said, taking it step by step. Making sure I do what the doctor says and hopefully, in no time, I’ll be back.”

Guenzatti and Danny Szetela [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

Teammate Danny Szetela was in attendance and showed support for the guest of honor at the 5 Points fundraiser that evening, voicing his hope to see Guenzatti suited up again for the Cosmos.

“I’m happy he won that award and I’m excited to see Seba get back on the field if it’s with us, with the Cosmos or with somebody else,” commented Szetela. “Hopefully it’s with us. We don’t want to play against him.”

As for Guenzatti, he seems to have determined the things that matter the most to him throughout this whole experience.

Sebastian Guenzatti [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

“With the fans, I have nothing but good things to say from the first day I stepped on the field to the last day I got hurt. They were always by my side and it’s amazing.”

“It’s an amazing achievement for me, to have people that love me like this and really care about me.”


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