Check out our TICC Picks: Week 1 NASL results predictions


Each week the TICC team will submit predictions and keep a tally of the results. At the end of the season, one member will be crowned WINNER and bought an end of the year dinner* by the rest of the team.

Week 1 picks

Here’s how it works:

Chose Win/Lose/Draw correctly = 3 Points
Chose one of the two teams and they draw = 1 Point
Choose draw and it is not, or if you choose the winner incorrectly= 0 Points

Lets see who the master at NASL selection is on the TICC team!

*Full disclosure: I never informed them of the winning prize and I really don’t care what they think.


12674713_10154190846491091_1940624735_oI actually am on-board with this dinner thing as a prize. Unless the dinner is White Castle, in which case they’ll need to buy me beer first.

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