TICC Picks: Spring Week 4

12922363_10154241073211091_1859528175_oOnly five points separate all five players as results last week saw some changes at the the middle of the table. Steve and Nick hold position at the top and bottom of the table, respectively. The remaining three flip flop around the middle. Have a look below.


Some pretty uneven and split decisions across the board for the TICC crew this week as they look at what could be in the NASL this week. The only thing that’s unanimous? The team’s belief that three points for traveling Ottawa is unattainable.

Tell us why we’re right, tell us why we’re wrong!


One thought on “TICC Picks: Spring Week 4

  1. Cosmos play well in situations like this, and have a pretty sterling record against the Loons. I think they get back on track with a victory.

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