TICC Picks: Spring Week 7

12922363_10154241073211091_1859528175_oWeek 7. Who gets lucky? We have a three-way tie at first place as we close in on the final three games of Spring Season. Who hits the home run? Who gets punted? Who gets sent to the box for a penalty? How many non-soccer idioms can I squeeze in here before you notice? Only time will tell. Here’s a look at the standings.


And now our picks for Week 7.


The team stands united on a Carolina result and don’t have much faith in Indy, Jacksonville or Edmonton to pull three points.  The real split comes at the Rowdies-Rayo match.

We’ll see how this one turns out. Tell us why we’re right. Tell us why we’re wrong.


2 thoughts on “TICC Picks: Spring Week 7

  1. Y’all got a lot of faith in the Str*kers. No one thinks last week against Carolina was a fluke? Maybe FTL’s found their rhythm after playing together for 4 months.

    • Personally from me, aside from going to Carolina and dinging them for three, they built confidence. We saw some good stuff in their preseason and I’ve been surprised by their inability to get anything going. Coming back home with that momentum is huge, though.

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