TICC Picks: Spring Week Three

12922363_10154241073211091_1859528175_oThe game is afoot as the TICC table experiences some turbulence. The table flip-flops as last week’s cellar dwellar is now sharing first place. 

13015380_10154266092691091_7654866369545783815_nSteve (yes, party foul Steve) has a perfect prediction week and gets himself into first alongside Mike. Nick does us the courtesy of propping up the table at the end of Spring Week 2. Eytan takes third with Luis just a point behind. Now, let’s see what the guys get wrong this coming weekend.

13001269_10154266910321091_8588379943383656287_nOpinions differ slightly, but the team all think Miami remains winless and it’s a unanimous decision that Carolina clobber Ottawa. Nobody thinks Edmonton or the Strikers get a win on the road and while the rest of the team think New York breaks the curse, Nick still believes in death, taxes, and Indy drawing Cosmos as the only certain things in this world.

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2 thoughts on “TICC Picks: Spring Week Three

  1. I am with Nick on the road point, we have struggled to get more than a draw against Indy since they came into the league and our form is generally a lot more suspect on the road.

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