TICC Picks: Spring Week Two


Not content to only embarrass ourselves in Week 1, the team submits another round of unrequested TICC Picks. The standings after Week 1 indicated a clear winner for the week. 


Head of photography Eytan Calderon in sole possession of first place with nine points, edging out the competition by a point. Art director Mike and co-host Nick close on his heels. Hapless co-host Luis stands three points off the lead with six. Steve shot himself in the foot with a massive party foul and sits in the danger zone.


Nobody on the team thinks the Fury or Miami are capable of pulling a win this week, and most of them think the Railhawks will get something out of Oklahoma. The team is also not very confident in Edmonton’s ability to get a home win against Minnesota. To nobody’s surprise, a unanimous decision says the Cosmos will take all three at home against the Armada, who kick a ball this season for the first time.

Let us know why we’re wrong or cheer us on!


One thought on “TICC Picks: Spring Week Two

  1. I would go with all of nick’s picks, though it’s sad to see him abandon his choice to win the Spring so quickly.

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