Brooklyn Blowout: New York Cosmos drop home opener to Miami FC

The 5 Points, Cosmos supporters [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

A great crowd, a buzz about the stadium, a pair of performances from reggaeton star Farruko…just about everything went the Cosmos’ way on Saturday night.

Except for the scoreline.

Miami FC thrashed the New York Cosmos 3-0 with goals from Dylan Mares and Stefano Pinho sandwiching an own goal from Ryan Richter.

The Cosmos posted a surprising lineup to many with no true striker available to start. Amauri was not 90 minute fit, according to Head Coach Giovanni Savarese and Irvin Herrera was recovering from an injury incurred in Puerto Rico.

Captain Carlos Mendes was injured, necessitating a new center back pairing of Dejan Jakovic and David Ochieng.

Left back Ayoze wore the captain’s armband for the evening.

Ayoze [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Miami had a dangerous moment in only the second minute as Jaime Chavez slipped in behind Jakovic, making an unopposed run at Maurer, who came off his line and to the top of the box to stop the shot. The pressure continued three minutes later as Chavez settled a ball in the box, then pushed it out the top for Kwadwo Poku to have a shot. Though unopposed, it sailed wide.

Javi Marquez countered in the seventh with a midfield shot towards goal. With Daniel Vega off his line, the ball sailed just over the crossbar and out.

Miami nearly found the way to break through in the 35th minute, when Chavez made a run into the box and went down after being hampered from behind by Ochieng. The referee pointed to the spot and Richie Ryan stepped up to take the shot which missed, high and wide.

Richie Ryan misses his penalty kick [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Miami did find the net in the 41st minute from the foot of Stefano Pinho, but the goal was whistled offsides.

The half ended 0-0, but the visitors quickly remedied the missed penalty by pulling ahead in the 51st minute. Former Cosmos player Mike Lahoud sent a cross into the box that an unmarked Dylan Mares volleyed into the net.

Miami had another goal whistled dead in the 61st minute, but doubled their lead in the 67th minute. A Vincenzo Rennella cross took a deflection off a sliding Ryan Richter and found its way past Maurer, who had committed to its original direction.

Miami FC goalkeeper Daniel Vega celebrates a goal [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The final goal came in the 71st minute as Mason Trafford fed Stefano Pinho a ball. The striker moved into the box, easily rounding Maurer to score the final goal of the night.

The Cosmos next play Miami FC in the return leg on Saturday, April 8th.

  • This is the second straight match where the Cosmos failed to log a shot on goal.
  • This is the first home loss for the Cosmos since September 22, 2015 and is their first time being shut out at home since October 4, 2014.
  • Substitution Jimmy Mulligan picked up a red card in the 90th minute.

13 thoughts on “Brooklyn Blowout: New York Cosmos drop home opener to Miami FC

  1. It was a great atmosphere. Coming from that terrible stadium the last 3 years I couldn’t have been happier. Coming from south NJ a one hour drive is so much better than trying to get to Long Island. Best part of my night was when I was being directed around the stadium. I asked the police officer “whats with the detour”, he said “it’s stadium traffic sir”. I was never SO happy to be in traffic to one of my teams games in my life.

  2. The Good…The Bad..And The Ugly…

    The Good…The return of the Cosmos, Brooklyn…NYC, the stadium, the atmosphere…5 Points, no more lacrosse lines, Rocco in the mix, TV…BeIn…WPIX, new uniforms looked sharpe on TV…Starikov…Maurer…Gio…new Cosmos merch…we have some time

    The Bad…We have any extremely thin, fragile, unfit team and a serious lack of quality going foward…Amauri ain’t it…liabilities in many positions…maybe there is an updated version of the nexxturf field with longer/larger sections instead of 1 meter squared sections(looks too patchwork)

    The Ugly…Blanked in our new home debut on TV, score should have been much worse…no ability to but the ball on frame let alone score a goal…no shots on goal in two games…shooting practice…study films of chinaglia

    • oh yeah, i forgot to add this…the camera was right on top of the players and the field. way too close. was getting dizzy watching the back and forth. felt like i was on a ride at coney. that really needs to be corrected for future broadcasts.

    • just got my tax return so I decided to frame a Chinaglia jersey and give it to a local Italian cafe. The owner is from Bologna and he allowed us to put up a few stickers in his place. The guy is aces and I can’t wait to see this jersey hung proudly.

  3. Lots of positives off the field, but I don’t think the Cosmos have ever been that embarrased on the field.

    Starikov should never come off the field, centerback looks like its going to be a recurring headache again, hopefully the goals come soon. At least the Spring isn’t like it was before, plenty of time to turn things around.

  4. From what i saw on television , it looked like a great atmosphere …. stadium looked packed, uniforms look great , field looked good , and no more lines ….the team needs forwards , and backline needs work …. amauri should have started, maybe find a way to have javi and eugene together on the field ….

  5. Couldn’t go to the game, I’ll just say to those of you who didn’t watch it on TV that it looked great, so those close cameras were worth it. And speaking of which- it was on TV!! Local NY TV!
    Agreed, the team looks terrible. I miss Arango, I miss Lucky. But let’s cut them some slack- we thought there was no team a very short time ago, I think Gio deserves our patience while he gets this thing up and running again. I am hoping by midway through spring season we Will see the team looking dangerous again.

  6. The New York Cosmos won three NASL Championships in half of a decade. What we saw on the field Saturday night is the reflection of a dysfunctional soccer federation. This club needs supporters and fans to provide a supportive, enthusiastic atmosphere in the stadium while they try to make up for an unexpected and chaotic offseason. The Bonus Season has arrived and it is time to party.

    Great seeing Tio Hugo as always!!! the best!!

  7. The problem is, will cosmos have enough time to recuperate and can Rocco take them to the promise land?
    We need a long term plan and Rocco doesn’t have one. If USL makes an USL3 by 2019 and makes their D2 stronger, then what happens to nasl.
    Cosmos need to be smart now, not tomorrow.

      • Rocco to buy RBNJ, rebrand as Greater NY METRO Area Cosmos, petition the MLS for a 4th substitute if the players last name has a minimum of three syllables. Zlatan up top with Messi. No missed goals because Rocco heavily invested in video replay technology. A man ahead of his time. Safe standing in the stadium (built in the north west corner of Central Park) sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. or perhaps we rebrand as Jerusalem Cosmos since Rocco is expected to bring us to “the promised land?”

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