Cardiac Cosmos reappear with some Lucky on their side; win 3-2 in Miami

13663371_10154447765826091_225243736_oThe New York Cosmos defeated Miami FC by a final score of 3-2, pulling away in stoppage time after Miami drew even twice. Lucky Mkosana would be the evening’s hero scoring a game-winner for the second straight week.

13654291_1761292910758569_9088385166469113974_nMiami FC was a much different side from the team that faced the Cosmos and lost nearly two months ago.

The Cosmos were reunited with midfielder Mike Lahoud and encountered Kwadwo Poku for the second time this year, after beating him and NYCFC in the US Open Cup last month.

13615062_1031612473542568_8620539997830717715_nThe Cosmos returned to action with a lineup that featured some holdovers from last week’s changes.

Brian Holt remained in the net as Jimmy Maurer took a seat for the second week.

David Diosa also retained his spot at left back, displacing Ayoze, who did not make the trip.

Lucky Mkosana, who scored a goal and drew a penalty kick, also got the start, his second of the season. Jairo Arrieta, who did not make the trip, just became a father.

Miami applied pressure early and often, forcing the Cosmos to scramble to regain control of their defensive end. Brian Holt drew a yellow in the 17th minute, but possibly kept the Cosmos from going down early when he charged out of his box to make a clearance and fouled Jaime Chavez. Holt most likely was spared a red by Roversio, who wound up ahead of the foul. However, his awkward landing would result in the center back being carted off and substituted with Jimmy Ockford three minutes later .

The 37th minute also saw a dangerous moment as Holt, off his line, punched a ball away and directly to Miami midfielder Blake Smith. Smith, under pressure from Diosa was unable to strike the ball accurately allowing Holt to recover it.

The Cosmos took the lead two minutes later when David Diosa put a curling ball through the legs of Richie Ryan and around the defense squarely into the path of Mkosana who volleyed it past Vega for the opening goal of the evening.

Holt came up big again in the 62nd minute, again leaving his box to challenge Chavez outside of it, stopping another chance at a one on one situation.

The team made a sub for more offense as Andres Flores entered the match eight minutes later in place of Juan Arango. The Cosmos would still encounter a setback shortly after.

In the 73rd minute, Poku brought memories of last year’s Open Cup crashing back as he equalized. Dario Cvitanich spotted the player making a run and delivered a long ball deep into New York’s side of the field. Poku outraced Carlos Mendes to the ball and struck a powerful shot Holt couldn’t stop, bringing the two clubs level.

Miami attempted to capitalize on their momentum by bringing on Ariel Martinez for Smith in the 77th, but the next strike, four minutes later, would go to the visitors. A give-and-go set between Yohandry Orozco and Flores resulted in the Venezuelan hitting the ball low with the outside of his foot, beating the Miami keeper.

After scoring what seemed like the game-winner, Orozco left with an injury and was replaced by Adam Moffat in the 84th.

A few minutes later, the Cosmos were stung by something that’s plagued them all season, a late goal. Hunter Freeman fouled Chavez in the box, falling on him and giving Miami a chance to equalize from the spot. Cvitanich delivered, converting the opportunity and bringing the teams back level in the 87th.

And then, after it seemed all hope was gone, something returned that hadn’t been seen since last season: the Cardiac Cosmos.

Two minutes into stoppage time, a Cosmos corner kick led to a ball that Vega punched down. Mkosana, crowding in Vega at the near side of the net, was in the right place at the right time as the ball bounced down, caroming off his leg and into the net for the final score of the evening.

With only their second road win of the year (both coming in Miami), the Cosmos move to the top of the top of the fall and combined tables before returning to Shuart Stadium and a date with the Jacksonville Armada.



  • This is Jimmy Maurer’s third missed game of the year, and his second straight since the Open Cup match against the New England Revolution.
  • Brian Holt has permitted three goals in two games, one from the spot.
  • After not playing a single match in the spring season, Roversio has played one complete match (NYCFC) and two partials (New England Revolution, Miami FC). The questions about his health remain.
  • David Diosa got his second start at left back with Ayoze not making the trip. Ayoze was on the sidelines at practice last week.
  • Lucky Mkosana was the only striker available in the 18 with Yasmani Duk still recovering from his broken nose and Jairo Arrieta not making the trip. He has had a hand in four of the five goals scored in the last two games, scoring three of them.




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