Cosmos B suffer first loss in bizarre 65-minute match against Mariners

12903714_10154224459631091_1039890845_oNew York Cosmos B suffered the first loss of their short NPSL history at the hands of Seacoast United Mariners 1-0 at a cold, windy, and drenched Mitchell Field after a strangely shortened match.

The only goal of the match came in the 31st minute, when Mariner Maxwell Watson found forward Matio Dimov with a ball over the top. Dimov settled, turned, and fired a shot past Cosmos keeper Hector Guerrero. Cosmos B protested for five minutes following the goal, protesting a missed offsides call on the play.

Cosmos B certainly had their chances in this match. Playing a 4-3-3 formation and pressing high early and often, Cosmos B managed to outshoot Seacoast 13-4 on the night. However, a solid game from Seacoast United’s keeper and a few missed opportunities left the Cosmos reserve side scoreless on the night.

Venezuelan youth international Alejandro Mitrano was a menace down the right wing early and often, winning the Cosmos a few corners and seeing a shot from outside the 18 tipped over the top of the bar by United’s keeper, who certainly had himself a game to remember. Sebastian Capozucchi and Franklin Castellanos added similar chances for the hosts in following minutes.

At the half, US Youth International Hanif Wright came on for Trey Williams. The former QPR youth player looked bright at times, but failed to have any bit of the impact he had in his hat trick heroics last week against Seacoast United Phantoms. This substitution pushed Mitrano to the forward position, giving Wright room to operate down the right. The move failed to have much impact on the game, as Mitrano’s contributions were limited in his new position. Wright found himself in good places and did well at times, but failed to do much in the effort to level the game.

Possibly the most interesting note of this game is the fact that it kicked off an hour and ten minutes late and ended 25 minutes early. As it was explained to me, not only did the Seacoast United players not arrive on time but the team’s kits were the last to arrive at Mitchell Field. The visitors barely made the “ultimatum” 6:15 PM kickoff time, roughly an hour after Cosmos B had finished their pregame routine. In addition, only 20 minutes were allotted for the second half of this match. Cosmos youth affiliate Sesa FC had booked the field for 7:30 PM that evening, and the first half of this match had only just concluded at about 7 PM. Certainly an adventure for this “reporter”.

Other notes from the Cosmos B home debut:

  • Kyle McTurk had a field day down the right flank today, mainly supporting Mitrano’s efforts in the first 45. McTurk proved himself to be a good asset today, balancing his attacking play and defensive responsibilities well, while proving some strength in overcoming tackles. He certainly drew my mind to first team stalwart Hunter Freeman.
  • Julian Stahler failed to have a significant impact on this match. His positional sense and timing gave him many opportunities to put his mark on the game, but he failed to do so. I’m not sure if his skill set is best utilized as a winger.
  • In his post game comments, published in the club’s match review, Head Coach Fernando Barbato believed his side had what it took to win tonight. “We followed the game plan. The players followed the game plan. We had some good chances to score, but we didn’t. I think it was a one-sided game. But sometimes that’s just the game of soccer.”
  • It was evident tonight that Cosmos B are a team that has a wealth of new parts being managed by a new coach. Yes, the team was bright and outshot Mariners, but there was many a time where passes went sailing to the sideline and defensive assignments were blown. Its ludicrous to have the expectation of full team chemistry three games into a season, but it is certainly going to be an area of focus for Barbato and his staff going forward.

5 thoughts on “Cosmos B suffer first loss in bizarre 65-minute match against Mariners

  1. The Mariners team left at 8:00am to be sure to arrive in plenty of time for the scheduled kick off. I do hope no-one in insinuating foul play is at hand here? Much as it was inconvenient for the Cosmos to finish their initial warm up an hour early, that pales in comparison to 9 hours in bumper to bumper traffic aboard 3 mini-busses!!

    In addition, for certain, it was not our fault, nor were we aware that there was a later booking on the field. Just so you know also, the Cosmos chose to make the half time break 12 minutes when they could easily have given themselves and extra 7 or 8 minutes to tie or win the game by A) not choosing to go in to the locker room or B) taking just a short break to re-group.

    Finally, please note that the Mariners were the only team to take points from the Cosmos B team in last season’s championship run when we held them to 3-3 tie in Maine.

    • Hello Martyn. I don’t think anyone is insinuating anything. I’m sure 9 hours in traffic was terrible, but I don’t think we have presented anything other than the facts. We are certainly disappointed by the result here, but I don’t think we’ve tried to pin the blame on you. Your club was late. The match started late and was unable to be finished for several reasons. The Cosmos reasons for not shortening half time are on them and we don’t know why they didn’t extend it. I’m not certain where an insinuation is indicated.

      A shame we couldn’t see you play a full 90 as I’m certain that’s what both sides wanted.

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  3. Welcome to NYC. When we play soccer, we play with two 45 minute halves. We also have traffic here occasionally. Next time, plan accordingly.

    • Classy as always NYC……………scoreboard is all that matters once the final whistle sounds and you choked in wonderful Yankee style!!!

      You lost to a bunch of high school and college kids from Maine, Haaaaaaaaaa!

      So nice of you to confirm to real New Englanders that NYC is a place without class!!

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