Cosmos scrimmage against Hofstra, surprise visitors attend

12899531_10154213753601091_1152590014_oThe Cosmos faced off against Hofstra in a scrimmage on Wednesday afternoon, winning by a scoreline of 6-0.

12899606_10154215616486091_204066142_oThe Cosmos started off with a 4-2-3-1 with Jimmy Maurer in the net. Ayoze, Carlos Mendes, Jimmy Ockford, and Gabriel Farfan were in the back line from left to right. Ruben Bover and Mike Lahoud served as the holding mids. Sebastian Guenzatti. Niko Kranjčar, and Yohandry Orozco were the attacking mids, while Lucky Mkosana was the sole striker.

Guenzatti was the first to find a goal finishing a series of passes between Lahoud, Kranjčar and himself in the 22nd minute.

Thirteen minutes later, Bover ended a solo run into the right side of the box by burying another ball.

While the only sub in the first half had been Kyle Zobeck for Jimmy Maurer, more subs entered at halftime. David Ochieng entered for Mendes, Hunter Freeman for Ockford, Eric Calvillo for Lahoud, Jairo Arrieta for Mkosana, Juan Arango for Kranjčar, and David Diosa for Guenzatti. Orozco stayed on, but switched to the right side, moving Diosa to the left.

The Cosmos poured on the gas in the second half with Orozco threading his way between three defenders and touching a ball past the keeper in the 58th. Just two minutes later, Calvillo carried a ball into the right side of the box, before sending it over to Arrieta on the left for the 4-0.

Two more subs entered the game at this point with Alexis Velela entering for Ayoze and Brian Holt for Zobeck.

The Cosmos would find two last goals from Arrieta in the 63rd and Bover in the 79th to finish the scoring.

Taking into account that they were playing a college team, TICC did observe some very promising things on the field. Niko and Orozco’s touches were stellar. Niko visibly displayed the license to roam and used it effectively. Orozco switched wings with no visible impact to his game, as did Farfan on the back line demonstrating some helpful versatility.

And if that wasn’t enough, we were pleasantly surprised to run into legend Marcos Senna and 2014 derby hero Mads Stokkelien, who were both taking in the match from the bleachers.

Check out photos from the match below, just a sample of what you can see exclusively on our SmugMug gallery. All photos are courtesy of our own Steve Hamlin unless otherwise noted.


Marcos Senna with TICC members (Photo Credit: Zach Wolpoff)


Juan Arango (Photo Credit: Steve Hamlin)


Mads Stokkelien with TICC members (Photo Credit: Zach Wolpoff)

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David Ochieng (Photo Credit: Steve Hamlin)


Jairo Arrieta (Photo Credit: Steve Hamlin)


Niko Kranjcar (Photo Credit: Steve Hamlin)


Yohandry Orozco (Photo Credit: Steve Hamlin)


Ruben Bover (Photo Credit: Steve Hamlin)


Dual Team Photo (Photo Credit: Steve Hamlin)



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