Cosmos win multi-goal Mothers’ Day match

[Photo: New York Cosmos]

The New York Cosmos found their first home victory of 2017 as several Cosmos also found their first goals of the season in the process of overturning a two goal deficit in the first half.

Delayed a full day by heavy rains and poor drainage at MCU Park, the wait seemed worth it as the club finally captured an elusive three points in Brooklyn.

The Cosmos made few changes to their lineup with Danny Szetela on the bench to start this one, replaced by Richard Menjivar. Carlos Mendes also returned to starting XI after his second half substitution last week.

Once again, no proper forward started the match with Irvin Herrera on the bench and Amauri absent.

The last time the two met, Puerto Rico FC looked like the better side at the end of a 0-0 draw. They continued this game much the same.

In the 15th minute, Puerto Rico took the lead on an excellently put together team goal as Puerto Rico marched to the net and Emery Welshman fed a ball to Giuseppe Gentile, which the forward volleyed past Jimmy Maurer.

A minute later, Welshman found himself a goal as he drove into the box, recovered his first shot attempt, then fired a shot past Maurer.

The Cosmos fought to stay in the match and recover as they visibly lost cohesion. However, they found their break in the 35th minute as Puerto Rico FC midfielder Yuma was sent off after a foul on Juan Guerra off the ball. The game then changed dramatically.

The Cosmos pulled within one in the 42nd minute as Emmanuel Ledesma carried a ball down the left side and sent a low cross under a diving Trevor Spangenberg and to an unmarked Andres Flores who slid it into the back of the net.

The Cosmos would go into halftime all tied up as Juan Guerra finished a chance in the second minute of stoppage. Emmanuel Ledesma again had the assist, putting a cross into the box, which Guerra just got the nod on.

The Cosmos went back to it in the second half, giving themselves the lead just five minutes into the half. Dejan Jakovic deflected a corner to Ryan Richter who flicked a header past Spangenberg.

Walter Restrepo’s breakaway left the false nine with an opportunity to put the Cosmos up by two and he didn’t pass on it. All alone with Spangenberg, he buried his opportunity for the fourth straight Cosmos goal.

Puerto Rico put themselves back into the conversation in the 64th after Giuseppe Gentile was brought down in the box. Cristiano Dias stepped to the spot and scored.

The Cosmos held Puerto Rico silent for the rest of the match and will next travel to Reading, Pennsylvania for an Open Cup match against Reading United.



  • Jimmy Maurer celebrated his 100th appearance for the New York Cosmos,
  • Andres Flores, Juan Guerra, Ryan Richter and Walter Restrepo all had their first goals of 2017.
  • This is the second time this season the Cosmos have permitted at least three goals at home.

34 thoughts on “Cosmos win multi-goal Mothers’ Day match

    • You might want to worry a bit more about the Red Bulls three game losing streak.

      • So what are you trying to say? 15,000 people didn’t show up because the match was rescheduled?

        Is that the excuse you guys are using? You sure had a ton of them when they were out there in Nassau County.

          • “Don’t pick on me. I’m a very lonely man. Trolling soccer sites is all I have in my life.”

            Jerseylicious, enough is enough. We are complex beings, who periodically struggle with anxieties, concerns, distractions and unrealistic expectations. At times, we just need a calm voice of reason. Right now, that is me. When Pele knocks, do not delay, open your heart to the Cosmos. We welcome all in the 5 points. Instead of holy water, we invoke the spirit of Chinaglia with holy smoke. If you are prepared to allow Cosmos into your heart, your first ticket is on me.

        • I’m just saying that mocking the Cosmos’ attendance as a Red Bulls fan is extremely hypocritical. Everyone sees right through the fluffy numbers, and when people actually do show up, it’s to see the other team.

          I’m also hoping the Cosmos draw RBNY this year in cup play too. It would be nice to get a freeby before we have to play a real team.

          • Don’t pick on me. I’m a very lonely man. Trolling soccer sites is all I have in my life.

          • Hypocritical? Red Bulls are drawing thousands to a real soccer stadium. The Cosmos were playing in front of thousands of empty seats out in LI and it’s worse in Brooklyn.

            You guys still living on a cup match when we sent our 3rd teamers? Bravo. What happened when the Cosmos came to RBA and played a team with mostly starters? Oh that’s right, totally blown out of the building.

          • Typical pussy Cosmos fan that can’t debate, but has to post under someone else’s name. You’re an embarrassment just like your team.

  1. Will take the 3 points but i don’t like dishonest wins, points or players. I’m looking at you Guerra and Marquez.

      • They went down like pussies without cause. Guerra enticed a red card on Yuma with his play acting and Marquez went down like he was shot and wasn’t touched. Embarrassing and disgraceful. NY Cosmos should play with honesty, integrity and feel honored to represent the badge.

        • damn, I was at the game, so I could not see what happened exactly. That’s upsetting. WTF just play the game. Its annoying when Barcelona, a U-12 or any club in between behaves that way. I’m looking for video of these two plays/situations, but I cant find anything. Ill try again later today.

          • Nick it was the red card incident with Guerra and Yuma and then Marquez tried to draw a foul with really bad acting, going down around the 77th minute or so. I really can’t stand this “style” of play and I will call it out even if they play on my team.

          • Jah, Im with you 100%. Its not the best way to play the game. and im quoting myself because I cannot leave you a reply anymore.

      • You might need some of the goals they scored yesterday. Red Bulls have looked very flat the past two weeks against some very bad teams. Sacha is off his game Perrinelle has been horrible.

  2. Starting on the 27th, I predict (better weather + my blind optimism) Cosmos attendances are going to creep back up above the 4,000 mark.

    • Mr.rocco needs a HUGE master plan to make cosmos relevant again. MLS is expanding left to right and with Miami and lafc coming, just imagine what will happen to usl and nasl.
      USL is making moves while NASL is trying to make moves.
      Mr.Rocco needs to be more realistic and move cosmos to MLS.
      World Cup is coming 2026 and MLS will be at 30/32 teams. In 2026 more than likely each MLS team will have their own stadium and USL will be pretty big, including D1 and D2.
      If sounders, timbers, whitecaps, impact, earthquakes, are enjoying MLS, then why not cosmos.
      Cosmos has the biggest soccer history in the US.

    • Am I out of my mind for hoping/expecting over 5500? I have nothing to back this up outside of….We live in a city of 8.5 million, plus 1.4 mil in Nassau, plus 3.4 mil in Northern NJ, and there are estimated 500,000 tourists in NYC every day….I mean, forget Cosmos fans, aren’t there 5,500 fans of the game interested in seeing a very affordable match thats a train ride away?

      • He boroughs can definitely have 3 MLS teams, 1 in jersey, Bronx and another queens.
        But they need billionaire owners who use their money for the fans.
        Rebrand red bull to cosmos.
        Nycfc in the Bronx.
        Inter NY in queens
        Thats 3 teams for shit load of soccer fans.

        • MLS doesn’t want or need Cosmos skank in our league. Let the Cosmos and their 400 fans stay in obscurity where they belong.

          You guys are so pathetic. Getting excited because they might draw 4000 people??? ROFLMAO!!!

          • Its getting late, put down the coffee. Instead, open your heart to David Diosa and Sebastian Guenzatti.

        • Dude why so much hate? I always see so much more of this from nycfc fans but not from rb We Cosmos fans understand our situation and can only hope for the best. Worry about your season and your rivals man.

      • In my humble opinion what we need is more exposure in the air waves. I am sure some the marketing currently in progress is not getting the attention of some fans. I believe we need another different and major marketing push which may consist in the broadcasting the cosmos games on radio on all boroughs . We need a radio sportscaster to do the play-by-play of the matches to provide a commentary and vividly describing the action on the field and give a detail information of the players, coaches and organization. In my opinion this will expose the team to broader audience and fans.I remember years ago when there was no soccer on New York, I just listen the play by play of the New York Knicks by Marv Albert and his famous ! yesss and it is gooood! and I got hooked and I became a fanatic of the New York Knicks…I do remember the Red Bulls broadcast the home games by radio, however I do not know if they keep doing it. This new exposure of the team in the metropolitan are cannot fail…so Cosmos marketing group look into it and action! we need action to make this move a success!
        Tío Hugo

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