Cosmos opener to air on beIN but PRFC may be ineligble to play

Puerto Rico FC may not be permitted to play [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The New York Cosmos, fresh off an announcement of airing games on WPIX and MSG Networks this spring, may see their season opener at Puerto Rico air on beIN Sports according to the scheduling of the match on the network.

However, that game may not be able to take place with the Puerto Rican federation facing suspension from FIFA, potentially making Puerto Rico FC ineligible to play.

The rumored continuation of a relationship between the NASL and beIN saw its strength renewed when one of the season-opening matches, New York Cosmos v Puerto Rico FC appeared as scheduled.

The possibility of seeing the Cosmos on beIN has made many fans content as the nature of the club’s relationship with ONE World Sports kept them off beIN.

However, a report from Futbol Boricua indicates that the home club may be ineligible to play, stemming from a possible suspension of the island’s federation by FIFA. The FPF owes former national team head coach Jeaustin Campos and FIFA the amount of $150,000, in a case that stems back to 2014.

According to a source within the USSF, the phrasing of the suspension will be of vital importance.

“If FIFA says nobody plays, Puerto Rico FC would not be able to play in the NASL,” the source told Futbol Boricua. The source went on to indicate that the USSF does want to see PRFC play as its absence could irreparably harm the NASL. The league must maintain, at a minimum, eight teams to keep Division Two status. The sidelining of PRFC would bring them down to seven.

Another possibility is that the club could continue to play in the NASL, but would have to suspend other activities, including play in the Caribbean Club Championship.

“Puerto Rico FC wouldn’t be able to represent Puerto Rico in international tournaments,” explained Frankie Gautier, former Secretary-General for the federation. “The professional team could continue to play in the professional league. But in games outside the league, no.”

The case is just another mark against the Puerto Rican federation who appeared to have dropped the ball in registering Puerto Rico FC for the CFU’s Caribbean Club Championship after the NASL club won the Luis Villarejo Cup.


5 thoughts on “Cosmos opener to air on beIN but PRFC may be ineligble to play

  1. FIFA has no problem with the lack of promotion and relegation in America, Canada and Australia yet has concerns with the way the PR federation is run? Why do former British colonies receive preferential treatment, yet a current US colony does not?
    FIFA has no problem with awarding Qatar a world cup and turns a blind eye to the slave labor which is building their stadiums, yet a $150,000 contract dispute means an entire federations existence is being questioned? Sometimes I really question my level of interest in this game, as well as my ultimate responsibility in these affairs. Is rugby this twisted as well? What about jai alai?

    Freedom for the people and for future of Puerto Rico. Remember Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional. Liberation for all oppressed people in the Caribbean and world wide.

  2. what the living hell is going on with Puerto Rico fc? I was looking forward to see the 2-time defending champion cosmos vs Puerto Rico which is a week from tomorrow night. Yes the game is on being TV but you telling me this game may cancel because of Puerto Rico issues are garbage?

  3. Don’t see this affecting the NASL match at all or the league and its completely a PR Federation/FIFA issue and nothing else. PRFC will be fine.

    • Pete, I hope you are right, man. Ideally this just turns out to be yet another black eye for the NASL, and nothing really significant. With 8 clubs, this league is in no position to be hemorrhaging any more clubs, fans, money… Christ, at least we can say-


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