Dude, where’s my field? Rayo OKC gives whole new meaning to turf war

Have you seen me?: Minnesota United striker Christian Ramirez with one of the Nexxfield squares (Photo: Christian Ramirez)

Have you seen me? Minnesota United striker Christian Ramirez with one of the Nexxfield squares (Photo: Christian Ramirez)

Since its inception, there have been plenty of questions revolving around Rayo OKC’s stability. While it seemed to start strong with the recruitment of Alen Marcina as head coach and a strong roster to go with him, after Rayo Vallecano’s relegation, however, questions have risen about how the show is being run. Weeks after the departure of Marcina and a big chunk of the front office, the answer seems to be “not that great”.

The latest news out of OKC revolves not around their players nor their front office, but their TURF.

According to James Poling, a local soccer reporter, minority owner Sean Jones has reclaimed nearly half of the Nexfield turf squares that the club uses to create its playing field.

Mr. Poling later clarified that the statements above were from an official Rayo OKC club statement, not just comments from the general director.

Jones released a statement of his own indicating that Vallecano had never agreed to the purchase of the Nexxfield system and he had unilaterally purchased the turf. Furthermore, he claims to have taken out a loan in order to complete the purchase and makes monthly payments even now.

When Vallecano sent Alberto Gallegos to take over club operations, Jones was told that the turf might no longer be needed. He found out from other sources, including media, that the turf might actually be sold by the club, according to statements made by Bucholz. After inquiring about the need for the turf and receiving no answer, Jones decided to safeguard his investment by removing the turf from the premises of their home field, Miller Stadium.

Jones says Gallegos later told him that Bucholz was misinformed but, to date, he has not received a letter of confirmation outlining plans for the turf or a signed agreement for terms and conditions. At the moment, the turf appears to remain desaparecido with a match 12 days away.

Ultimately, OKC apparently now has about half of its playing field missing while having had the literal and figurative rug yanked out from under them

The full statement from the minority owner is below.

6 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my field? Rayo OKC gives whole new meaning to turf war

  1. I agree, destination MCU park and improve the marketing, especially radio broadcast of the games.As far as my comment about radio broadcast of the matches is this: We need a radio sportscaster to do the play-by-play of the matches to provide a commentary and vividly describing the action on the field and give a detail information of the players, coaches and organization. In my opinion this will expose the team to broader audience and fans ,since many of them do not have One World Sports or only available in very expensive Cable TV packages. I remember the Red Bulls broadcast the home games by radio, however I do not know if they keep doing it. This new exposure of the team in the metropolitan area can not fail !

    • No one listens to the radio, man. So stupid, the people who insist that technology from the 1930s is going to give you amazing new exposure.

      People don’t go to Cosmos games because the Cosmos don’t know what they’re doing, and because the brand doesn’t resonate with anyone put really old men and posers.

  2. Wow, this is not only embarrassing but so sad. Hate to say it but if this continues there is not much of a future for the NASL. I hope I’m wrong. We may be bush league but being a circus league is a new low.

  3. Honest question. is it possible for the cosmos to purchase this field off of OKC? Wouldn’t it be a bit cheaper at this point because it was already used?

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