NASL responds to USL departures; CSA responds to Ottawa moves

14808840_10154708287381091_1730862976_oFollowing on the heels of the news of the departures of the Rowdies and the Fury today, NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson today released a statement regarding the changes coming for the NASL, which include the aforementioned moves of the two teams to USL, Minnesota United’s departure for MLS, and rumors of other clubs that may not operate next season.

“As a league in North America, the NASL operates in an environment where owners are free to take their clubs wherever they choose. All we can do is acknowledge that reality and move forward with our business, which is exactly what we’re doing right now. We have never had a stronger and more unified group of owners who are committed to the league’s model, its structure, and its long-term vision. With a half-dozen serious expansion discussions in progress, the league looks forward to adding new owners who share in the Board’s vision.”

“We have ambitious plans for growth, and we’re proud that the flexibility of the NASL model remains an extremely attractive proposition for investors seeking to become part of an authentic, competitive soccer league. While we don’t want to take anything away from what is sure to be another exciting postseason, we’re focused on ensuring that, in 2017, the NASL is one of the most competitive soccer leagues around.”

The Canadian Soccer Association also issued a statement on the status of the Fury’s move to USL which Steven Sandor shared on

“Canada Soccer has received an application from Ottawa Fury FC pertaining to their league status for the 2017 season,” read a statement for the CSA. T”he application will be assessed at the upcoming Canada Soccer Board of Directors meeting, currently scheduled for December 4, 2016. A decision will be taken by the Board at that time.”

Despite Ottawa’s intention to play in USL, it will have to wait until it hears from Canada’s governing body before it can complete the move.

4 thoughts on “NASL responds to USL departures; CSA responds to Ottawa moves

  1. The game is a complete disaster in this country. What other soccer federation intentionally and openly employs a cannibalization strategy? What does the future hold for the NY Cosmos? Please don’t leave me with just Pescara Calcio and the New York Pancyprian-Freedoms.

    • The NASL, not the game, is in disarray. I can’t remember a time when soccer in this country was more viable as a commercial, spectator enterprise. I also can’t remember when the national team was more professional, had more exposure and was followed. None of these things can be attributed to the NASL. The day when this league becomes something other than the fiefdom of a single club, that’s the day it will be a stable, self sustaining entity.

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