Puerto Rico FC president responds to claims of potential ineligibility of club

[L-R] Adrian Whitbread, Carmelo Anthony, Thomas Payne, Neil Sillett [Photo: Juan Costa/Noticel]

Following a report from Futbol Boricua indicating Puerto Rico FC might not be able to play with a potential suspension of the Puerto Rican football federation (FPF), Thomas Payne, president of Puerto Rico FC has responded to the claims.

“It sounds like this ‘report’ has gotten everyone worked up and somehow believing that there’s some fact behind it,” Payne told TICC in an email.

“While its true that there is a situation of some sort between FIFA and FPF, there has been nothing pending or imminent,” he continued. “In fact, we have made some calls and done some diligence and there is nothing pressing at this time.”

The issue stems from unpaid wages to former Puerto Rican national team coach Jeaustin Campos and money also owed to FIFA, all totaling up to about $150,000. In the report, former Secretary-General of the federation Frankie Gautier and an unnamed USSF source brought up the possibility of suspension, which could make PRFC ineligible to take the field.

Thomas Payne [Photo: Juan Costa/Noticel]

“As is normal for FIFA and these types of things, they will likely give FPF some sort of time frame to rectify the situation, much like the other issue last year which took place right before our first game.”

Payne refers to an issue in 2016 regarding a disagreement between FIFA and the FPF over the creation of a normalization committee.

Ultimately, however, the former TICCPod guest expects PRFC to take the field and remain unaffected by the dealings between the two soccer bodies.

“Long story short…there is nothing pending or imminent at all with this situation and nothing at all that we would expect to affect our sanctioning as PRFC in the short or long term.”

This comes as a welcome relief to fans of both the Cosmos and Puerto Rico FC, who are set to kick off their seasons on beIN Sports on March 25th. In the case of the Cosmos, it will be their debut on the channel after being exclusive to ONE World Sports.



9 thoughts on “Puerto Rico FC president responds to claims of potential ineligibility of club

  1. This is good news, right? Because if one reads in between the lines, isn’t it possible that everything discussed yesterday is still true, Thomas Payne did his due diligence and PRFC just happens to be out of the loop since this is an issue between the FPF and FIFA?

    As an aside, if the only good thing that comes from the Knicks-Nuggets trade which brought Carmelo to NYC was him founding PRFC, then the last however many disastrous years of basketball have been worth it.

  2. Was on Surf Ave. in Coney yesterday walking by the stadium. STILL no signs for Cosmos. Hard to believe……….Cyclones signs everywhere……..

    • Tone is practically impossible to pick up with text so you are going to have to trust me; this is not a snarky response. The front office needs our help. You need to call your ticket rep. You need to spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues, barber, guy behind the counter at the liquor store, whoever. The future of this club is our responsibility. $tover, $eamus, whoever, will always have opportunities afforded to them if Cosmos go under. Since we are the ones, ultimately, who will suffer, we must not let that happen.

      • 100% disagree. Just being honest. I think it is management’s responsibility and I love what the new owner is doing with TV. But no signs at the stadium? I haven’t received my tickets in the mail yet either.

        I did get a mass email from the Cyclones about the Cosmos. (I am a Cyclones ticket plan holder as well). It seems you can call the Cyclones offices for tickets now as well. That’s a good sign.

        • I may be mistaken on that email I got. It looks like the link on the bottom is for Cyclones tickets only. The links within the email direct you to Cosmos ticketing offices. At least the Cyclones sent an email out to their ticket holders promoting the Cosmos……..It’s something

        • Its never easy to have a productive conversation online, but I am genuinely curious as to what you are not agreeing with. I think we are in agreement: the front office leaves a lot to be desired. Amauri and the rest of the new signings still do not have their pictures up on the website. Merchandise has been nonexistent for over three months. Season tickets have yet to be sent out. Alecko had his contract ripped up and was allowed to sign with ML$. There is no professional women’s team. They have not promoted 4/1 at local universities. There is nothing up in Coney Island promoting the home opener or upcoming season. Due to this and other reasons, I feel we as supporters must act as ambassadors of this club. We must continue to find ways to wield our influence.

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  4. Mgmt responsibility. Not fan responsibility. Won’t work if they just rely on the fans to spread the word.

    Did see a Cosmos at MCU Park ad on the B train heading back from the city today. That was nice.

    • Maybe not the casual fan but if your a supporters group member or diehard fan you will spread the word. Your right not to tho if you chose to wait and see if Mgmt do enough or not.

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