Rumors, reports, and sources: a round-up of the second day

nasl-logo2After a whirlwind of information swirled around on Tuesday concerning the fates of the Cosmos and the NASL, information slowed down considerably, but did not drop off entirely on Wednesday. But very little revolved around the New York Cosmos.

Empire of Soccer reported a few items, including a follow-up on the Carlos Slim rumor. While sources continue to insist the Mexican billionaire has a role with the Cosmos going forward, the club itself will not confirm nor deny if this is the case.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman Jeremy Wilkins represented the club in Atlanta while Seamus O’Brien reportedly met with potential investors in New York.

Brian Quarstad of FiftyFive.One shared information on four NASL clubs that might be looking at USL.

The reference to Raleigh was meant to be Cary, for the RailHawks.

First Coast News followed up with the Jacksonville Armada, who told them they would not make statements about the future until an announcement came from the NASL.

Nipun Chopra had insight on one NASL team whose fate seemed murky, at best, as it entered the offseason.

News OK not only confirmed the lack of a presence at the meetings by the OKC side, but also shared that all players had been released from their contracts.

Rumors persist that the club may yet look to relocate, but only time will tell if this still happens.

The wait continues.

5 thoughts on “Rumors, reports, and sources: a round-up of the second day

  1. What kind of a deal is NASL looking for, it does not make sense at all. Is NASL waiting on cosmos new owner in order to survive and make carlos slim their hunt of NASL.
    If I was an MLS owner, I would buy cosmos and then take them to MLS. Garber needs to jump on this ASAP.

        • He’s right, though, that it doesn’t make sense for the NASL to be holding out for any kind of deal – they don’t have any possible leverage.

        • 13 hours ago
          James Kirk Bisceglia
          Two of the best fan bases in the league. Both very deserving and starving for the cup. One group of supporters will finally experience the ecstasy of winning it all. Congratulations to Toronto on the night. Go Sounders! (Supporter since the NASL days.). A great match up for the final!

          That’s a comment from the MLS website, that should be a cosmos fan saying that. Someone needs to make it happen.

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