“The league might actually step in and take over the team” – Pedro Heizer reports on the Strikers

fort_lauderdale_strikers_logo-svgWhat haven’t we seen from the Strikers this season? From reinvigorated ownership sending two teams to China to the sale of their best player to the Rowdies, to the pickup of Amauri, to a move to a new grounds, to a dismal attendance of 455 people, this club has been full of up and downs.

And, according to Pedro Heizer, more downs could be on the way. 

Following a tweet from Bob Williams of The Telegraph indicating a potential sale of the team, Neil Morris interviewed Heizer, a Strikers beat reporter for the Sun Sentinel, on The Inverted Triangle Podcast, asking him about the situation with the South Florida club.

“The ownership group has been trying to sell this team since May,” Heizer stated. Allegedly, one of the groups they tried to sell to was the ownership group of the Tampa Bay Rowdies, something TICC had learned independently. The group has apparently declined. Towards the end of the interview, he revealed that a team official had told him just minutes before his interview with the podcast that the Rowdies were a group that had shown interest in making the purchase.

“A team official did say that Tampa reached out to us, the ownership group in Tampa, that they did want to purchase the team,” Heizer said.

The reporter also stated that the money they paid to buy the team for is not the club’s worth now, due in part to all the money they owe.

Heizer reported receiving messages from several of the players after they had failed to be paid on time again, reportedly the fourth or fifth time this had happened. FiftyFive.one has reported on several other instances previously.

And they’re not the only ones who are owed money by the club according to the reporter who stated that there is a long list of people they need to pay, including other members of the staff and vendors.

Despite this, the club also reportedly sent an email from Managing Director Luis Cuccatti stating that despite the payroll hiccup, nothing was over.

“You’re not getting paid on time, but we haven’t given up on you,” the correspondence was said to include.

The situation could be even more dire as another piece entered the equation, a potential NASL takeover.

“Early this week, on Labor Day, I heard that by next week or the week after that, the league might actually step in and take over the team,” Heizer said. “From what my sources tell me, the league is building a case against the ownership group.”

“The league might pull a Rochester Rhinos situation and take over the team for a while before selling to someone else.”

While the league did run the Silverbacks for some time before the club left the NASL, this would be in stark contrast to a proposed takeover of a club that has had many questions surrounding it this year.


11 thoughts on ““The league might actually step in and take over the team” – Pedro Heizer reports on the Strikers

  1. Listen, Ive seen a bear ride a unicycle, so I can believe almost anything. My question if the NASL folds is…what happens to the Cosmos? LigaMX? USL? Can the Cosmos play in the Canadian Premier League? If I begin to read anything about the Cosmos buying NJRB and what not…I don’t even know. I might pick up college water polo.

    • Inevitablt, the NASL will merge with the independent USL teams and former a new 2nd division while the MLS affiliate teams will be the 3rd division or MLSunday Developmental league. The current NASL model is unsustainable. The Cosmos are the flagship team and can’t draw enough Long Islanders to get a decent card game going. Terrible. Unsustainable.

        • typos aren’t the problem. A lack of visibility in NYC is the problem. Kicking And Screening, the soccer film festival in NYC being sponsored by NJRB and ManCityJr’s and the Cosmos are MIA once again is the problem. The Hofstra-funeral home like atmosphere outside of the 5points it the problem. People still bringing up the mythical Long Island soccer fan is the problem. The Nightmare on Gerald Street is the problem. Not knowing where the team will play in 6 months is the problem.

          • ok, so independent USL teams break away and join the NASL…are they expected to pay an entrance fee? because if they are, wouldn’t they rather just stay in USL, not pay and see what NASL teams would like to join USL instead?

  2. Luis, please understand that I am the product of the NYC public school system when you read my following sentence.
    I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AT ALL. Andres Flores, the NY Cosmos midfielder is on a panel? Where is this panel? and what function does this panel provide? and where is the club? where is there? I need a hug. I really do not know how to internet.

    • Haha, there’s a panel at Kicking and Screaming around the showing of a movie on the El Salvador team that lost 10-1 or something. Andres Flores will be here talking. It’s on Thursday night.

      • LUIS!!! Thank you for clearing that up for me. As you can see, I was really was lost there for a bit. You are my Cosmos guru and NYC soccer shepherd. New world solidarity, as well as Cosmos fraternity makes this Thurs night K+S showing and panel discussion a must see event.

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