Cosmos announce Cosmos B tryout dates, NPSL schedule

Cosmos B in action last year [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Following an offseason of turbulence and chaos, another piece of the Cosmos organization appears to be returning to full functioning capacity. On Friday, the Cosmos confirmed that 2015 NPSL Champions New York Cosmos B would be returning for the 2017 NPSL Season. The club also announced a set of tryout dates (March 22, 23, 28, and 29th) and the club’s schedule, which you can find below.

“Cosmos B focuses on finding and developing young talent to create a path for them to the first team,” said Cosmos Head Coach Giovanni Savarese in a press release. “Our B team will continue to be a vital component of the organization and welcomes aspiring soccer players to register to our open tryouts.”

It’s interesting to note that Cosmos B returns to a different Atlantic Conference than it left in 2016. With newcomers Elm City Express, TSF FC, and Hartford City joining the league, the NPSL decided to divide the Atlantic Conference into separate Blue and White conferences, with each team playing one home and one away match against different opponents from the opposing conference. Cosmos B opens up their 2017 campaign on the road against White conference Boston City, and later hosts New York Athletic Club in June at Hofstra.

As of time of writing, the Cosmos have not made a decision on Head Coach Fernando Barbato’s future with the club. It is unclear if any of the 2016 roster will return, either. The club has been mum until today about the state of Cosmos B, but stars from last year’s roster Julian Stahler, Gonzalo Rodriguez, and Hector Tenjo have all been spotted in the NYC area this offseason.

Prospective members can sign up to be a part of the Cosmos B tryouts here.

4 thoughts on “Cosmos announce Cosmos B tryout dates, NPSL schedule

  1. No one is going to watch them out in Mineola. We need them in brooklyn, helping with the overall fanship building press. They should be at LIU Brooklyn, or some place near a subway. Or even – god help me – up by Bakersfield.

    Long Island almost destroyed the Nets.
    Long Island almost destroyed the Islanders.
    Long Island almost destroyed the Cosmos.
    Who decided staying in this dead zone made sense?
    I honestly do not get it.
    “We need them in Brooklyn, helping with the overall fanship, building press.” Exactly. Get the f*ck out of Suburbia. I was in the stands when there was honestly 800 people in the entire stadium. Who benefits from having the B team play in a barren wasteland, populated predominantly by those void of passion, void of emotion? The Hofstra experiment can only be remembered as a disaster. Appealing to White Suburban Soccer Moms was proven by ML$ 1.0 to be an epic miscalculation. The game, in order to be successful, needs to be in an easily accessible urban environment. Why go through this once again? Professional sports has no place in Long Island.

    • Nick, I could not have agreed more! Long island does not deserve to have the NY Cosmos B ! I say to long islanders, ” You lost the last opportunity to have a professional sport and you blew it, because of your lack of passion and emotion for the beautiful game”. Long Island is a complete disaster for Soccer or any other sport!. We want our Cosmos B play in Brooklyn, the Cosmos Country!
      Tio Hugo

      • Tio Hugo,
        Your insight is always appreciated. You are a source of wisdom, patience, and great rhythm for all Cosmos supporters!

        The people, the fans, the supporters, whoever, that showed up and sung at Hofstra, that bought merchandise, that invited friends and family…..everyone who attended needs to be recognized and applauded. The last few years have had nothing but dwindling attendances, but still, the rugged few who showed up need to be acknowledged. For whatever reason, Long Island and its population of 2.8 million people could not find 10,000 soccer-first, soccer-mad, soccer is life, people. With the combination of local talent and international stars like Raul and Senna the stadium should have been sold out every night. If not sold out, then what about half of the stadium? 6,000 people? 5,000? still, it was lower than that. It is too bad, but the numbers do not lie. Cosmos B need to play in NYC. They need to be in 718 to help get the Cosmos name relevant again. Sure, they will not pull tremendous crowds but everyone does what they can. Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction, and the current direction leads to Brooklyn now, not Gerald Street in Nassau County.

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