Cosmos offseason circus continues, threatened with eviction from offices

550_rent_is_too_damn_highIt’s been a wild offseason filled with loss for the New York Cosmos and their fans. They’ve lost players, coaches and staff as the organization has held of the appearance of a club going under. In the process, they’ve also lost much of their reputation. And their prestige may not be done taking punches as they may now face eviction from their Long Island offices.

Big Apple Soccer released a report indicating that the team is now playing the role of bad tenants. The landlords of the team’s Long Island offices, Quentin Roosevelt Associates, LLC is looking to evict the NASL champions and recoup back rent in the amount of $55,280.55.

A hearing is scheduled this Wednesday morning at the First District Court in Hempstead.

The Long Island offices have apparently been vacant for some time as evidenced by photos taken by Andre Tessier, an NYCFC fan who went to the offices in late November.

Photo: Andre Tessier

Photo: Andre Tessier

11 thoughts on “Cosmos offseason circus continues, threatened with eviction from offices

  1. Could Seamus even do more harm to the Cosmos name?????

    Next he’s going to take a Pele game worn hersey, drag it out in the street, and shit on it.

  2. How much is cosmos for?
    $100 m
    I have a feeling Miami beckham will select the name of Miami cosmopolitan sc

        • There has to be a price?
          How much did Chivas USA sell for rail hawks.
          Apparently from what I read, nasl owners paid pretty good salaries but now are going down.
          Dirty seamus is one stingy whore.
          If Miami ain’t happening for beckham, then he should go get cosmos for now.

          • Ok, think it through.

            Seamus paid $3mm.

            We are no better than we were then.

            In fact,we have no chance of getting in MLS, NASL is done & USL doesn’t want us.

            Any good memories have been tarnished.

            Why the f#ck would it be worth the numbers you are tossing out?

            Do you have any sense at all????????

  3. Just read the article from the Guardian that Dave Martinez just did with Seamus. How can he sit there and say the team hasn’t lost any money. How can he sit there and say we are going to sit back and weigh all options. YOU”VE BEEN WEIGHING THEM FOR 4 YEARS! This team has gone down in flames and this ass has treated his season ticket holders with no respect! He’s still lying to us!!!

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