Cosmos staff reduced as furloughs become terminations

new_york_cosmos_2010-svgThe New York Cosmos have been on the ropes for weeks with reports surfacing of front office personnel being furloughed and players being released.

Today the Cosmos took another step backwards as front office members were contacted and informed over the phone that their services were no longer needed. 

Social media was abuzz as members of the front office began to bid their farewells to the members of Cosmos Country that they had built relationships with across the last four seasons of play.

TICC reached out to multiple members of the front office this afternoon and can confirm that staff have been terminated with promises that they would be paid the money they are owed by the club around Christmas.

However, TICC has also found out in those same conversations, no mention was made of any kind of severance package.

“Hell no,” said one former staffer when asked. “We will be lucky to get our final paychecks from mid November.”

If this does turn to out be the case, this would be the latest in a series of poor moves made by club ownership that has affected players, fans, and now the employees of a small, but proud reborn club.

If you are able, please donate to the GoFundMe started for staffers as fans of this club and many other great people around this league and beyond chip in to try to help affected staff.

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