Following Division Two sanctioning of the NASL, Cosmos announce full participation in 2017 season

Following the United States Soccer Federation’s decision last night to grant provisional Division II status to the NASL for the 2017 season, the New York Cosmos have announced their to return for the 2017 season.

The Cosmos broke their long silence today with a short statement of their intentions on social media.

Cosmos Chairman Seamus O’Brien made comments in The Guardian regarding his belief the club could not play in a “seven-team league” or the then-Division III USL.

“For us as the Cosmos, playing in a seven-team league potentially, you need to make decisions now,” O’Brien told The Guardian. “You can’t wait until February, March to see if you are kicking a ball in April. It’s a business decision you have to take now. That’s not an option for us.”

However, the sanctioning of the NASL as a Division II league and confirmation of eight teams in the next league season (with the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers and Rayo OKC sitting out) seems to have been enough to have the club prepare for a 2017 season after all.

The NASL released a statement of its own last night after both it and the USL received approval from the USSF to operate as a Division II league for the 2017 season.

“The NASL Board of Governors and I support U.S. Soccer’s decision to grant the league provisional Division II status,” said North Carolina FC owner Steve Malik. “We’re excited about beginning play in April, and we look forward to the continued growth of our league and soccer in the U.S.”

Neither league met full compliance, according to the USSF, but the federation will work with them towards meeting all the requirements, along with some additional criteria. The USSF will determine what the additional criteria are, as well as what the timeline will be for the leagues to achieve them.

“After an exhaustive process working with both leagues, in the best interest of the sport the U.S. Soccer Board of Directors has decided to grant provisional Division II status to the NASL and USL,” said U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati. “U.S. Soccer will create an internal working group that will work with each league to set a pathway to meet the full requirements for Division II and allow for the larger goal of creating a sustainable future. We look forward to another productive year for professional soccer in this country.”

Empire of Soccer recently released a report indicating that the club was set to take the field at MCU Park under a new majority owner, Rocco Commisso.

There will be much work ahead for the team who have terminated or released most of their staff and all their players. The EoS report also states the Cosmos would make good on the money owed to all staff and players affected, something that TICC can also confirm to have been told.

There will be changes next season. New owner aside, many players won’t return as Danny Szetela, Lucky Mkosana, Adam Moffat, Juan Arango, Yohandry Orozco, Yasmani Duk and Jairo Arrieta have all moved on to new clubs. Assistant Coach Carlos Llamosa is also gone. Some staffers have moved on and will not return.

Still, it is believed that a core of last season’s players will wear the green and white this year.

The Cosmos will have to deal with the image of the club that they painted over this offseason, one that shuttered their doors and sent people away without the money owed them. One where the very stability of the club was put into question. However, it appears an important first step has been taken today and it will be on the team to correct its issues, move forward, and open a new dialogue with its fanbase.

19 thoughts on “Following Division Two sanctioning of the NASL, Cosmos announce full participation in 2017 season

  1. I thought we were doomed for a while, but never thought we would be back this soon. Again, the cardiac cosmos club came back the last minute …I am so relieved and can not believe we will be rooting again for our beloved club…Let’s go Cosmos fans, players and organization , lets unite behind our team committed to carrying on the cause, which is the future and aspirations of our team and the league, short and long term are still alive.

  2. I’m glad I never said anything to my kids. They won’t miss a beat. They’re going to miss Lucky and Arrango, but they’re going to love going to matches in Coney. My kids’ school goes to Cyclones games once or twice a year as a school outing. It should not be hard to sell a Cosmos outing.

  3. -sell 10% to the supporters.
    -find someone to buy Seamu$cum out.
    -honor all previous contracts
    -players to receive all their bonuses, with interest.
    -Restart Cosmos Copa
    -Stover, do the right thing and step down.
    -Town Hall meeting with Santo Commisso, il presidente, il salvatore, il datore da vita. Grazie mille, gentile signore.
    -Balotelli to NY Cosmos. Have the signing at Di Fara’s or Totonno’s.
    -the game is meant to be played on grass. rip out the MCU field. no NextField.
    (a positive outlook towards Lucky and Arango’s departures. Lucky is now playing Champions League soccer. Arango’s swan song will be played in his home country.)

  4. Cmon, NASL and cosmos are like frat brothers in college who won’t let each other die, BUT be careful what you wish for.
    Does Cosmos new owner know about MLS or Nycfc and Red Bull? Now with NASL given up on being division 1, will cosmos stay in NASL or pursue MLS.
    I don’t know how this will end up, but NASL and USL are going make 2017 very interesting. Will USL teams go NASL or NASL teams go USL?
    If you ask me, cosmos new owner must pursue MLS, and that means merging with Red bulll or buying Red bulll. No way NASL survives division 2 status………….USL is ready to KO NASL with a USL2-USL3 next year.
    USL2= independent teams
    USL3= MLS reserve teams
    NASL teams will have to make the jump and cosmos will finally join MLS.

      • Really mr.smith 🙂
        Cosmos just got their last call of their life,cosmos must pursue MLS no matter what.
        Sounders, timbers, whitecaps, impact, Minnesota, Atlanta, are all in MLS. Obviously it’s not the kicks and Chiefs but they know MLS is the league.
        Now look at Tampa bay rowdies, if Tampa get a stadium and put the right money, they will be in MLS.
        I don’t know what the new owner intentions are but MLS should be on his agenda, and if you think about it, it’s not so difficult for cosmos to join MLS, it’s just about buying red bull for the right price.
        Whoever buys red bull, they will get a stadium/starving fan base/ huge market/ and cosmos is the perfect team to rival nycfc.
        Make it happen mr.cossimo

    • Please. RB in NY isn’t going green. You need to give this dream sooner or later. MLS has stabilized and grown for 20 years without the Cosmos brand. Metro/RBNY have an identity of its own developed for 20 continuous years. MLS gave Cosmos a chance to be part of the league and they spurned it, instead we have NYCFC. Maybe you should convince Comisio to buy them off Citeh’s hands instead.

  5. As a season ticket holder since 2013 renewing in 2017 I will do but with some distaste knowing Seamus is still part owner of the club.

  6. Finally, the Cosmos got the PERFECT owner for the team!!!!
    He meets all of the criteria necessary to run the team:
    1. He has the $ – his company (mediacom)
    has revenues of $1.7 Billion annually, so if the Cosmos need high priced star players the money is there. If MCU needs Nexxturf or if he decides to put down an all grass field, money is not a problem.
    2. He was a banker with business degrees and has a ton of financial experience so he will spend the money wisely without burying the team & it’s employees like Seamus did.
    3. He is a media mogul. If anyone can find the right cable/internet deal, he can do it to help promote the team, the league, the sport.
    4. He was a player for the Columbia Lions and is a lifelong soccer fan, so he knows the sport. Growing up in a soccer crazy country & then moving to a country/metropolitan city with a huge fan base (many of which were Cosmos fans back in their heyday) makes it a successful opportunity to capitalize on the market.
    5. Way down the road, after the Cosmos are firmly re-established and stable financially, he can seek to buy the Red Bulls and make the Cosmos the # 1 team in the US & the world which is where they belong.

    • I totally agree with you and I may add:
      6. build a strong team good enough to do well and excel in the Open Cup against MLS and USL teams….Gio get Balotelli or Cellerino again and lets score unstoppable goals..

    • The problem is, the more the buyer waits to buy red bull, the more the price will inflate.
      If cosmos Would have bought red bull before, maybe we would be speaking of $250-$200 million but now with MLS popularity rising and expansion fees rocketing, red bull will ask for $500 million.
      Another thing, the east is so hot in expansion compared to the west, no way garber puts 3 ny teams.
      There’s Detroit, St. Louis, Tampa, Miami, Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, cinci, unless MLS makes a central conference and has 12 in each conference.

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