Furloughs continue, but interest exists in ownership of New York Cosmos

New_York_Cosmos_2010.svgThe Cosmos are still on the ropes and just hanging on, but reports have emerged indicating that the club could be ceasing operations or even finding new, local ownership.

TICC also discovered who was previously a party interested in obtaining the Cosmos.

After a staff call on Friday, the only certainties that appeared to come out of it was that no decision had been made and that most of the club’s staff would remain on furlough, as TICC verified through its own sources.

It had previously been indicated to TICC that the only part of the organization unimpeded by pay delays or staff reductions was the Training and Development Program, offering some hope that the Academy might continue on throughout the process. However, another source told TICC that the academy’s staff and players would only be working through next week.

The weekend was mostly quiet until Sunday night, when Duane Rollins dropped a potential bombshell that afternoon.

However, TICC was able to verify that no staff had been notified of any decision. Other club sources insisted that the team had yet to make a decision about its status and that the Cosmos had not closed up shop.

Big Apple Soccer also indicated that players had been paid and released.

Continuing conversations with a club source indicated that no players had been released, but players might be getting “shopped around”. Other reports seem to indicate that the latter is, indeed, underway.

The Big Apple report continued with indications that the Cosmos could be close to selling to a group based in New York City. The NASL and the team itself were reportedly working on getting the sale finalized before a USSF board meeting on Monday.

Following conversations with multiple sources in and out of the club, TICC also learned that the Cosmos had caught the interest of at least one party from overseas, Everton FC of the Premier League.

This would suggest that there are groups interested in investing or taking ownership of the second-division champion.

With the Cosmos reportedly several million dollars and possibly up to $30 million dollars in debt, one could expect negotiations for any deal, whether ownership or investment, could take some time.

This week could be a big one for the team as the picture becomes clearer on what 2017 – and beyond – looks like for the green and white.




12 thoughts on “Furloughs continue, but interest exists in ownership of New York Cosmos

  1. If Everton buys the Cosmos, #Open Cup Fan will kill himself as he won’the be able to day, “Support your local independent soccer clubs” on the Empire of Soccer website

    • What happen to las Vegas rich Jason Ader who was interested in buying red bull.
      He should definitely buy ny cosmos and pressure red bull out of MLS or a merger.
      Where u at Jason Ader? We need u 🙂

    • You can call the islanders, mets, giants, jets, nets or knicks owner but they will want to dance with MLS, not NASL.
      In serious thought, with all this NASL drama and with all the soccer fever going around the US, isn’t perfect for some other NASL owner or USL to buy the cosmos and take them to MLS in the future.
      Does anyone know the asking price for cosmos?
      $50 million $70million $100million

        • Good question?
          How much are the cosmos going for.
          Hey galaxy almost got sold to some rich Asian dude and the Chicago Fire a mess with their new owner.
          Then if you add the earthquakes who have a stingy owner, Houston Dynamo just got new owners, Rapids owner doesn’t care, Revolution owner is lost. Hey MLS is not perfect and cosmos would attract way more sexy dps if they were in MLS.
          Hey Rooney you wanna play for the rapids or cosmos?

          • Between the damage PK and Seamus have done to the brand since 2010, it is now worth about the cost of one BLACKOUT jersey.

          • You are comparing Cosmos to MLS franchises. Cosmos are not an MLS franchise, and if there one thing this ownership team has proven, the brand has little weight in becoming an MLS franchise.

            I don’t know why would pay more than $3 mil. at this point. All you are getting in a logo, a name, and several mil. of debt/

          • “I don’t know why would pay more than $3 mil. at this point. All you are getting in a logo, a name, and several mil. of debt”

            That does sound about right.

            Hope somebody can do that, so the Cosmos might live on in the USL.

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