Kits Revealed, changes made, more to come for the Cosmos

Carlos Mendes, Lucky Mkosana, Jimmy Maurer, Andres Flores, Hunter Freeman

Carlos Mendes, Lucky Mkosana, Jimmy Maurer, Andres Flores, Hunter Freeman sport new gear and kits (Photo: New York Cosmos)

The Cosmos unveiled their new kits on Wednesday, part of their partnership with Under Armour. While we had previously mentioned that distribution would be a part of the deal, we hadn’t anticipated the amount or scope of changes that would follow.

Empire of Soccer reports that while Cosmos gear will feature in the Under Armour Brand House in SoHo, it will also be carried in other Under Armour stores and includes the possibility of them appearing in Canada and Mexico. But that’s not all.

“We are working with other partners who have purchased the jerseys for resale. Modells, and then obviously the Cosmos, their online store and stadium,” Under Armour Director Sean Flynn told Empire.

For the last three years, outside of a short-lived stint at Modell’s in 2015, you could not find Cosmos gear outside of attending a match at Hofstra or ordering online and waiting for delivery. Now, we’re talking about ready access across New York and beyond.

And those aren’t the only changes.


After wearing white at home since the reboot in 2013, the Cosmos look to be making the change to green at home. While it appears they will start the season with white kits at home, it looks like change is on the horizon and the supporters’ songs for the “Boys in Green” will be even more accurate.


Cosmos Girls, Under Armour and the Soccer Bowl (Photo: Luis Hernandez)

The players are not the only ones getting Under Armour gear as the Cosmos Girls were on-hand and showing off the new uniforms that they will get from the new deal.

Not everything is perfect, though. Due to the quick nature of how the deal was turned around, product will not be available for about 4-6 weeks, putting it at mid to late April.

But, this is a minor price to pay. After years of sub-par Nike kits and no additional gear to go with them, a few weeks of waiting will be nothing compared to the scope of what could possibly come. With the Cosmos currently being Under Armour’s only professional club in the States and a desire for expansion by the apparel maker, this can only mean good things for the club, not the least of which will be exposure on a scale that we have not seen yet.


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